Friday, April 22, 2016

things happen

So last night was a little bit eventful for us.

From additional freebies of white wine to special makis to our teppanyaki, plus cake and few tikis, yup, last night was funny.

Our fun started with the funny and lively teppanyaki chef. But I'm not really going to talk about him.

You see, we had several drinks thanks to some generous people. Having alcohol in your system and taking taxi will make you really feel sleepy. So after Blesie drop me off to my place, I clearly told her not to fall asleep and to take out her pen. 

I was texting her at first then she went quiet so I suspect that she zonked out as it's impossible for her to reach home in less than 30 minutes of driving. After a while I got a call from her while having a fight with the taxi driver. Apparently she did fell asleep and this sleazy driver drove her somewhere far. Since I always takes note of the taxi driver's name and staff number, I called the Transad to report the incident. The good thing about the taxi services in Abu Dhabi is that eventhough I wasn't able to get the plate number of the taxi, they were able to trace the taxi by giving him the name and staff number of the driver. 

Hmm... Can't exactly remember how many times I called Transad to complain. Coz the time I tried to call Blesie and couldn't get hold of her, I blasted to Transad to do something and to ensure that my complain will be actioned. Coz I got worried that the taxi driver got pissed off he throw her out of the taxi in the middle of nowhere, haha. Anyway, I knew nothing bad happened as I didn't felt something bad. Before I knew it, I zonked out too.

I woke up and saw the message of Blesie that got home safely. Later in the afternoon we laugh at how we made the driver's life miserable. There's a chance that he might get deported coz along the way Blesie reported him to the police, wahaha. Only one thing I can say, he tried to mess up with the wrong people.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Suddenly felt old. All the songs I used to like and still like are currently shown on back tracks. Waaa...

Time flies so fast. Hearing these songs brings back old memories. Actually, they are not that old memories. Like a few years back? Well, whatever.

For some strange reason, I'm gaining a lot of weight. I don't know what to do. Everytime I weigh myself in, stupid scale keeps showing higher number than the previous day I weigh, arghhh...

Munching on some sweets to keep myself distracted from getting depress. And by the way, only two more episodes for "Descendants of the sun" and I'll have to find a new series to watch.