Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a day like this

Somehow, that person annoyed me this morning. I mean, if you're asking someone for a favor, atleast don't make her feel obligated to do it.

Maybe it's my tone in reading his messages that made me lose my patience towards him. I sort of lash out at him. Coz he started the whole conversation in a very unpolite way in my opinion. So when I started reverting back nastily, he suddenly mellowed down. And told me I misinterpreted his messages. Susmaryosep!

I know am being mean to a person who's carrying a lot of burden already. And me of all the people should be able to understand it coz I know what it's like to be in that kind of situation. As there was a time that my parents done the same thing; almost begging to every person they know just for us to survive. And got humiliated countless of times. Those are the hard times that I wished am already an adult so I can earn enough money to support my family. Just like what my sister told me, those are the times she wanted to forget yet she doesn't want to. And I have the same feeling. Coz those are the times that keeps on reminding me to work hard to give a comfortable life to my parents now. As I want them live their life now without worrying about anything and not to experience again what they've gone through before. 

So now I feel bad coz I felt like am being so stingy. Or maybe I got affected by what a friend told me about this story. She actually advised me to just ignore him. Ahhh... I hate having mixed feelings. 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

life or something like that

Life's too short.

Just heard a news that one of my former highschool mate passed away. Cause of death am not too sure. I just got invited to a group and there I found out about it. I felt sad. If my memory serves me right, he's a nice guy. Coz he talks to me before like am not an outsider. Yup, there was a time during highschool that I sort of got a feeling of an outsider as I transferred from another school. And I really had a hard time adjusting, not only to school but also to what is happening in my family back then.

Suddenly had this pang of loneliness in me. I miss my family and friends. Coz recently I don't want to go out. I just want to stay in my room and rest. Maybe due to unbearable heat outside. Or I want to save money for my next vacation. Or maybe just the laziness in me. Can't wait for my vacation. To see my family and friends. To eat and laugh with them. To sleep and wake up knowing there's someone in the house I can look forward in smiling to. To play with good ol Jimi. To watch anime like a highschooler. Or go malling with lots of restaurant options to chose from. And eat. And laugh.

Hope our plan will materialize. Am getting excited. Four more months!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

microwave dilemma

Recently am enjoying silly things like watching old re runs of korean tv series. Spent my long weekend laughing my ass off cause I didn't expect it to be so funny. I watched the whole season 3 of Idol Army featuring 2pm and I really had fun. I quickly forgot my admiration for Kim Soo Hyun and now I became a fan of the beast idols, hahaha... So much for the kpop fever.

And for some reason, my microwave is always giving me a hard time. Did I mentioned before this one time I tried to cook my undercooked egg? That exploded inside the microwave in the middle of cooking time. Darm that site in internet that said you can cook eggs in the microwave. It's a big lie!

Also this one time that I bought microwavable baby potatoes. It's actually fresh baby potatoes sealed in microvable bag ready. All you need to do is set it between 6-7 minutes. I set it at 6 minutes to be sure but after a few minutes, I heard a pop and my extension cord suddenly stopped working. Guess cannot handle the voltage of microwave? Totally have no idea. So result I lose track of the cooking time of my potatoes and it end up undercooked. Dung!

Then last Friday I remembered I bought one box (comes in three packets) of microwavable cheesy popcorns. End up wasting the first packet coz instruction said 1:45 to 3 minutes depending on the power of the microwave. I checked and mine is on high power. But after 3 minutes the bag is still flat As in no single corn popped out. So I add 1 minute, then another minute. Then again and again till the bag is already fat from all the popcorn. But when I opened the bag, I smelled the burnt cheese and some unfortunate pops. So I end up throwing the whole bag as it doesn't taste good. Second packet is half half success. Half did popped but half were still corn kernels. Arghhh...


Does anybody do measure your waist in the morning then feel so elated to know that you lose weight? Then after eating lunch and some snack you recheck your size and be horrified of the reality that your tummy size has grown bigger than the normal size? Well, it always happen to me. So so frustrating. Seriously, if I really want to join that vacation, I only have three months to lose weight. Tummy fat, please please go away.