Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a day like this

Somehow, that person annoyed me this morning. I mean, if you're asking someone for a favor, atleast don't make her feel obligated to do it.

Maybe it's my tone in reading his messages that made me lose my patience towards him. I sort of lash out at him. Coz he started the whole conversation in a very unpolite way in my opinion. So when I started reverting back nastily, he suddenly mellowed down. And told me I misinterpreted his messages. Susmaryosep!

I know am being mean to a person who's carrying a lot of burden already. And me of all the people should be able to understand it coz I know what it's like to be in that kind of situation. As there was a time that my parents done the same thing; almost begging to every person they know just for us to survive. And got humiliated countless of times. Those are the hard times that I wished am already an adult so I can earn enough money to support my family. Just like what my sister told me, those are the times she wanted to forget yet she doesn't want to. And I have the same feeling. Coz those are the times that keeps on reminding me to work hard to give a comfortable life to my parents now. As I want them live their life now without worrying about anything and not to experience again what they've gone through before. 

So now I feel bad coz I felt like am being so stingy. Or maybe I got affected by what a friend told me about this story. She actually advised me to just ignore him. Ahhh... I hate having mixed feelings. 

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