Sunday, June 01, 2014

microwave dilemma

Recently am enjoying silly things like watching old re runs of korean tv series. Spent my long weekend laughing my ass off cause I didn't expect it to be so funny. I watched the whole season 3 of Idol Army featuring 2pm and I really had fun. I quickly forgot my admiration for Kim Soo Hyun and now I became a fan of the beast idols, hahaha... So much for the kpop fever.

And for some reason, my microwave is always giving me a hard time. Did I mentioned before this one time I tried to cook my undercooked egg? That exploded inside the microwave in the middle of cooking time. Darm that site in internet that said you can cook eggs in the microwave. It's a big lie!

Also this one time that I bought microwavable baby potatoes. It's actually fresh baby potatoes sealed in microvable bag ready. All you need to do is set it between 6-7 minutes. I set it at 6 minutes to be sure but after a few minutes, I heard a pop and my extension cord suddenly stopped working. Guess cannot handle the voltage of microwave? Totally have no idea. So result I lose track of the cooking time of my potatoes and it end up undercooked. Dung!

Then last Friday I remembered I bought one box (comes in three packets) of microwavable cheesy popcorns. End up wasting the first packet coz instruction said 1:45 to 3 minutes depending on the power of the microwave. I checked and mine is on high power. But after 3 minutes the bag is still flat As in no single corn popped out. So I add 1 minute, then another minute. Then again and again till the bag is already fat from all the popcorn. But when I opened the bag, I smelled the burnt cheese and some unfortunate pops. So I end up throwing the whole bag as it doesn't taste good. Second packet is half half success. Half did popped but half were still corn kernels. Arghhh...


Does anybody do measure your waist in the morning then feel so elated to know that you lose weight? Then after eating lunch and some snack you recheck your size and be horrified of the reality that your tummy size has grown bigger than the normal size? Well, it always happen to me. So so frustrating. Seriously, if I really want to join that vacation, I only have three months to lose weight. Tummy fat, please please go away.

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