Friday, September 30, 2011

nothing to do

After eating my breakfast, I have nothing to do so I started browsing some sites, checking my mails, playing sims and checked my blog. Then I remembered my old blog site under xanga. I started blogging on 2005 then lose my interest in blogging and stopped by mid of 2009. Reading it now was nostalgic. I mean, I almost forgot my life back in 2005 (think am getting old) and reading my blogs reminds me of how I used to be. And what's amusing was that my blogs were so funny. Normally they are short but really summarizes my feelings and happenings for that day. And it seems that I'm really enjoying my life back then.

I was laughing so hard to read this old post of mine when a guy sent me text messages for me to stop talking to my friend which happens to be his girlfriend. He told me to stay away from her, don't call her or text her. All along, he thought I was a guy. Being a little naughty me, I replied to him saying it's not my fault that she likes talking to me and so on and so forth... He was sooo mad, while I was laughing all along. It's a word battle for us. I don't know it ended up but till the end, he didn't knew that he was talking to a girl all along. Serves him right!

Can't help not to notice that I'm always late before in work. No wonder I got suspended once. Yikes!


I can hear my phone's ringing, but am way too lazy to get up and answer it. Will just check it later to see who's calling.

Later will go at Sylvestre's flat for a mini party. Just too lazy to move for now but they were already there.

garage sale!

There was a huge garage sale held at Al Baraha 3 in the hotel. Door opens at 12pm but we decided to go there at 12:30, which I believe is a very wrong idea since most of the good stuffs are gone. Actually, not all since we still managed to bought some.

At first glance, it was like a flee market. Items and people are everywhere. I've spent a good fifteen minutes walking around and almost decided to go back to the office. Then I saw Aireen who was in the same on boarding class with me and she was holding a lot... and I mean a LOT. And she asked me why I haven't got any. Told her I haven't seen something nice. Then the black lady beside us began talking then gave this violet dress from H&M and told me that it will look nice on me. I hesitantly took it (am not really interested at first) then set it aside. I was actually choosing between the shawls in different colors (preparation for the winter period). Aireen gave me a white blouse from H&M also and I took it since I thought that I can wear it in the office. Then the black lady approach me again, now holding a dozen of nice clothes (all branded - she's very good in finding good stuff) asked me if I took the dress. I suddenly remembered the dress then when I look for it, it's gone. Such a waste.

Anyway, before we pay our items, the black lady called me apologizing that she was indeed holding the dress all this time. She gave it to me plus another blouse (I forgot the label). And I saw this cute red dress from Zara that she's holding and asked if her if she really wants it but she said she's going to buy it for her friend (too bad).

We're already in the car when Marj told us that we need to wait for Prishy for a few minutes so we decided to come back to the sale. There I saw this black dress from H&M again (dunno why I keep on getting clothes from H&M!) and a cute tank top from Marks&Spencer so I bought them too. Erlyn was lucky enough to find so many cute nightdress (she got this cute red Tommy Hilfiger nightdress that I really like but was way too big for me).

In the end, I was able to buy two shawls (both in freakin' red color), two dresses (1 black and 1 violet), two blouses and one tank top in a freakin' super duper bargain amount.

The violet dress was really my size. It's like destiny. Am so happy about it. And am so thankful to the black lady who gave this dress to me. She's right, it does fit me. Size 8 my ass.

My room's a mess again. And I no longer know where to put them since I only got a small wardrobe. But am so happy and told myself am so gonna blog this when I came home. And yes I did.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

leprechaun oh leprechaun!

I used to hear leprechaun stories when I was a kid. About how naughty and nasty they are, who enjoys doing practical jokes. And what my mom always told me, "be a good girl or a leprechaun will appear and get you!".

And leprechauns are famous for their pot of coin golds. A pot of gold that they hid at the end of the rainbow. So am always wondering whenever I see a rainbow, is there really a pot of gold on the end of that rainbow? Or does anyone ever been to the end of the rainbow? Freakin' dunno...

Since am getting addicted to Harry Potter again, I suddenly got interested in them. And since Wikipedia was so nice in giving information to me (cough.. actually copying info from the sight... cough), thought of sharing it. So let's talk about the myth of leprechauns and their coins.

A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man, clad in a red or green coat, who enjoys partaking in mischief. They spend all their time busily making shoes, and store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release. Popular depiction shows the Leprechaun as being no taller than a small child, with a beard and hat, although they may originally have been perceived as the tallest of the mound-dwellers. The said a leprechaun is the son of an "evil spirit" and a "degenerate fairy" and is "not wholly good nor wholly evil". (???) Infamous hoarders, they are loathe to spend a single penny, which probably explains their poor appearance in spite of their great wealth.

Music, dancing, fox hunting, and drinking Irish whiskey are said to be the Leprechauns' favorite pastimes. Once a leprachaun begins dancing to a human's song, it is said that he cannot stop until the tune ceases. His exhausted state may cause him to make outlandish offers, including his crock of gold, if you will please only allow him to stop dancing. Other means of finding his gold includes looking at the end of a rainbow, which may lead him offer 3 wishes in exchange for his treasure. His promises of gold always proves hollow, as the Leprechaun always employs clever tricks in his granting of wishes, often resulting in the embarrassment or injury to the one who expected a bounteous reward. According to legend, if caught by a mortal, he will promise great wealth if allowed to go free. He carries two leather pouches. In one there is a silver shilling, a magical coin that returns to the purse each time it is paid out. In the other one he carries a gold coin which he uses to try and bribe his way out of difficult situations. This coin usually turns to leaves or ashes once the leprechaun has parted with it. However, you must never take your eye off him, for he can vanish in an instant.
According again to the legend, if anyone keeps an eye fixed upon one, he cannot escape, but the moment the eye is withdrawn he vanishes.


 So getting back to the leprechauns which appeared in Harry Potter, leprechauns have the ability to produce gold coins that look and feel authentic as regular coins. And they are called leprechaun coins, the fake type gold that vanishes over time. Although the coins seem identical to ordinary ones, goblin experts can differentiate them from ordinary coins, as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley overheard when they visited Gringotts Wizarding Bank in search of one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes in the Lestrange vault.

Also in the story, known uses of leprechaun golds where as follows: when Ludo Bagman paid off bets to Fred and George Weasley, as well as many other winners, including goblins, at the Quidditch World Cup using Leprechaun gold. Rubeus Hagrid used Leprechaun gold coins in a Care of Magical Creatures class where he was introducing the students to Nifflers, and Gregory Goyle's attempt to pocket them secretly was thwarted when he heard they would disappear eventually. Ron Weasley paid back Harry Potter in Leprechaun gold for the Omnioculars in the Quidditch World Cup, not knowing that Leprechaun gold would disappear until Hagrid told him later in Care of Magical Creatures class. Ron felt bad about this, but Harry told him it was no problem.


So that's a few info about leprechauns and the leprechaun coins in Harry Potter. Can't get enough of them. Just hoping that I will not have dreams 'bout them tonight...

'Til next time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

bizzare as it sounds to be

Staring at my laptop then suddenly reminisce bizaare moments of my life.

Like the number of floors I used to live in. I remember when I used to live in Singapore, the first room I used to rent in a HDB flat at Woodlands is on 4th floor. Later moved to a condominium at Serangoon and landed on the 4th floor again. Then when I decided to move here in Dubai, I got a room at 6th floor at International City. Then when I moved to my new flat (coz I transferred to a new company), got a room again in 6th floor. Freaky.

This one blue blouse I had years ago. It's not my favorite but I like wearing it. Then when I browse my pictures saved in my laptop, found out I've got tons of pictures in different places at different occasions wearing the same shirt. And worst was that most of that pics was sooo good but I can't post them coz my friends might think I don't have any blouse coz I'm always wearing it. But honestly, I didn't do it on purpose. I admit am the laziest gal that just wears anything I first saw in the wardrobe, not bothering to choose.

Strange you may say, but I like the smell of luggage when you open it after a long flight from other country. When I was young, I used to like the smell of my father's luggage everytime he came home for a month or two vacation. It's weird but I really like it. Then when I started to travel, when I got home and opened my luggage, I smelled the same thing. And somehow makes me feel nostalgic and wanted to cry for no particular reason. I'm so silly sometimes.

Call me dumb, but I really don't know the country Qatar until I had my first job. And I was dumbstruck when they told me I'm going to handle the account of Qatar Airways cargo and I was like "where in the world is Qatar?". And they were all looking at me like am some kind of an idiot, but what to do? I really have no idea! Then I learned that it's located in middle east. Then years passed, my first ever international trip was to Qatar flying via Qatar Airways! And I'm all alone. It's my first time to fly to an airplane (am a late bloomer in all things) and am so freakin' nervous my ears are clogging. And to my luck, there's turbulance coz there's storm. To my surprise, I didn't notice that the airplane was shaking violently coz am also shaking out of my nervousness. Then when the plane landed, we went out in an open field and I was like, "where the fucking hell is the airport?" I was about to ask someone but he was speaking in Arabic and looking viciously to me I got scared. Then I saw all the passengers going to a shuttle bus so I let myself in. Then we were dropped to the airport and later was greeted by the driver who's going to drop me to the hotel. And then the rest of the events of the trip followed in the next few days.

I had a video call from my sister last last month then she told me bluntly that my face looks blank and bland. And suggested for me to put make up as much as possible. But is it a crime not to put one? I'm way too lazy to put make up. Honestly, everytime I tried to put a very decent eyeliner + eyeshadow, I always manage to finish only one eye. Then I will not be able to do the other eye, for no particular reason. I just can't do both eyes. So I end up removing the make up in one eye and just let my eyes as it is. I actually envy those ladies who can actually put a good make up, especially in the eyes. Why didn't I got any talent in that?




I actually got tons of things to write in here but I got hungry so I grab something to eat. When I was about to continue to write, all the ideas are gone... Gone in the wind...

Anyway, no choice but to post this as it is since I can't continue it anymore. Will continue to play The Sims for the meantime....

it's back...

It's back! Our internet connection was back! Am so happy and excited to go home early coz of that.

Am also done with my laundry. All I need to do is to iron it tomorrow or the day after, my most hated part of human being.

Funny thing was that all my friends asked me what happened to me coz I didn't log on for a long time. They know I'm an internet addict. And in this boring life in middle east, I need some diversion.

Earlier we had the monthly meeting where we do the monthly birthday celebration. Also, big boss announces the promotion of most people and restructuring of finance organizational chart. Well, I'm happy that most of my friends are promoted. I just felt sorry for myself because I don't see any future in our section. And it begins to frustrate me.

Well, enough for whining. I think I should stop it immediately.

Honestly, I think my boss noticed my grumpiness for the last few week because when am pouting for the whole day and shouting in the phone, he gave me a bar of sneakers after lunch and was told to calm down. He's nice but also a bugger from time to time. The only thing I don't have the nerve to tell him was that I'm not really fond of sneakers crunch but rather the classic sneaker. But who am I to refuse chocolates? And I think it's a bit rude if I do tell him that. Atleast, he was nice enough to give one to me.

There was also this instance that I went in the office during my off day and finished my recon. No one was there, which was fine, but I didn't know how did he found out that I worked on off days coz I found a bar sneakers in my table the day after. A little present for doing a hard work. So nice...

Anyway, no work tomorrow so I can stay late tonight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

e-books marathon

Eversince our internet connetion was cut (we still don't have until now), I was hooked in e-books. They were even wondering what am I doing, staying up late without any internet connection. Well, well... Told them am doing e-books marathon!

Done with the twilight saga plus the first draft of midnight sun (Edward's version of Twilight - very very cool, reading the side of Twilight in Edward's view... weeeeee!), now am reading Harry Potter series. Currently, am in the fourth book now. And am getting addicted again to it.

I already read them before, everytime the new book was published. But since I read them ages ago, I forgot most of the details and what I remembered are the scenes from the movie - which have many differences from the book.

It's just that it makes me sad everytime I read of Fred & George knowing that in the final book, Fred will die. I love the twins, really. I cried so hard in the cinema when the scene was shown when they told Harry that Fred died. Waaaaa....

Anyway, think I'm going back to my room. Am hungry and my back was aching. Think am getting old. Tsk!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i need internet connection

It's been days since I surf the net. Unfortunately, we still don't have internet connection in our room. How poor can we be? Now I'm here in the internet room in the next building, sitting in a bean bag in the corner surrounded by guys who do nothing but to sniff and sneeze while browsing the net. Yeah great...

And to my grimace, my earphones stopped working all of sudden so I can't help not to hear the uver fast talking of this guy in my front (not sure what his nationality). Yup, he's angry and tensed and excited over something.

I suddenly realized that surfing the net was really part of my life. Now I'm feeling incomplete. I can't upload pictures, can't update my blogs, can't check my emails, can't chat with my friends and most of all, I can't play fb games anymore. So sad...

Well, my roommate and I already discussed about applying for a connection. I'm just waiting for her confirmation because it will be a bit costly coz only the two of us will share. Anyway, better than not having at all.

One more thing why I'm waiting for her is because I don't want to apply under my name. Have tons of reasons and I don't want to elaborate it.

I really want to buy a new phone. But the thing is, I don't have enough money yet. And it's so frustrating and depressing.




Went to PICPA GA last saturday. And I really made myself look foolish. Who would've thought that Blessie is like that? She didn't even tell me in advance (well, can't remember anything that she told me that). So when we're in the registration booth, I keep asking her to register in my line for associates (yes, I'm not and I don't have the interest to study again) coz she was registering on the other side. She just brushed me and continued in what she was doing. I even asked the in-charge (so stupid of me) if non can sign there. She said no so I called Blessie again. Again, she just shrug me off. And then, reality hits me.

Feeling betrayed and unmotivated when you're surrounded by pro's, felt stupid for not reviewing at all. Well, I just told myself that it's not really my cup of tea. Anyway, the buffet food was nice and good that I'm so stuffed, felt like my blouse is going to pop.

Honestly, I've got lots of things to write but these guys were really bugging me. I can't concentrate.

In short, nothing relevant is in my blog. Just whining as usual.

I need internet connection in my room! Waaaaaa.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

bad days

The last few days were never been good to me. I never experience for such a long time to have bad days consecutively.

First, our internet connection in our flat was cut. Yes, my super nice flatmate who applied for the connection decided without asking us to cut the connection coz according to her, she doesn't stays in the flat anymore. How nice isn't it? And not even bothering to advise us in advance! We just found out when we cannot access the internet. Geez... So much for having nice flatmates...

Second, my new supervisor showed up and turns out to be arghhh... Do you have this feeling towards someone that you can't seem to like her even in your first meeting? Well, I had that same feeling to her. She had this attitude that really ticks me off. Anyway, I'm trying to get along with her but something's not right. Dunno why.

Worst part that I've learned was that she used to be like us in her previous company, so her new job now was like a promotion. And that was the part that I can't accept. I don't have any problem if the newcomer used to be a supervisor, but if she's not, that's a big insult. And I'm still bitter up to now to what I've heard.

Third, I no longer have money. Coz my sister made a fool of herself and now I'm the one who's suffering. And I really want to kick her ass because of that.

Fourth, my mom told me to save money. Yeah right. Like that was easy to do. Hello! If my salary is only for me, I can do it. But hell no.

Fifth, my boss was being an ass for a week. Can't he stop pestering me and give me some space? 

Sixth, the blouse that I borrowed from Jea when we watched 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' stained my other uniform blouses. Partly my fault because I normally don't separate colored from whites because none of them can stain one another. But I totally forgot hers and boom! When I took them out from the washer, it was like that. And I really want to scream in the laundry room.

Lastly, I've been called 'fat' for several occassions this past few days. I know I'm fat but you don't have to tell it to my face like it's a funny thing. It's so depressing. Honestly, I really want to punch their faces or just stab their backs with fork for saying that in my face with big smiles like they just said 'happy birthday'. Arghhh...

Dunno when will I be able to blog again coz the internet room is located in the next building. Haayz...

Need to go. Maybe my clothes are already dry and someone 'nice' might use the dryers and take out my clothes and just put it on top of the dryers exposing my undies and everything.

Btw, will attend the PICPA general assembly this afternoon. Need to go back to my room to prepare.