Friday, September 30, 2011

garage sale!

There was a huge garage sale held at Al Baraha 3 in the hotel. Door opens at 12pm but we decided to go there at 12:30, which I believe is a very wrong idea since most of the good stuffs are gone. Actually, not all since we still managed to bought some.

At first glance, it was like a flee market. Items and people are everywhere. I've spent a good fifteen minutes walking around and almost decided to go back to the office. Then I saw Aireen who was in the same on boarding class with me and she was holding a lot... and I mean a LOT. And she asked me why I haven't got any. Told her I haven't seen something nice. Then the black lady beside us began talking then gave this violet dress from H&M and told me that it will look nice on me. I hesitantly took it (am not really interested at first) then set it aside. I was actually choosing between the shawls in different colors (preparation for the winter period). Aireen gave me a white blouse from H&M also and I took it since I thought that I can wear it in the office. Then the black lady approach me again, now holding a dozen of nice clothes (all branded - she's very good in finding good stuff) asked me if I took the dress. I suddenly remembered the dress then when I look for it, it's gone. Such a waste.

Anyway, before we pay our items, the black lady called me apologizing that she was indeed holding the dress all this time. She gave it to me plus another blouse (I forgot the label). And I saw this cute red dress from Zara that she's holding and asked if her if she really wants it but she said she's going to buy it for her friend (too bad).

We're already in the car when Marj told us that we need to wait for Prishy for a few minutes so we decided to come back to the sale. There I saw this black dress from H&M again (dunno why I keep on getting clothes from H&M!) and a cute tank top from Marks&Spencer so I bought them too. Erlyn was lucky enough to find so many cute nightdress (she got this cute red Tommy Hilfiger nightdress that I really like but was way too big for me).

In the end, I was able to buy two shawls (both in freakin' red color), two dresses (1 black and 1 violet), two blouses and one tank top in a freakin' super duper bargain amount.

The violet dress was really my size. It's like destiny. Am so happy about it. And am so thankful to the black lady who gave this dress to me. She's right, it does fit me. Size 8 my ass.

My room's a mess again. And I no longer know where to put them since I only got a small wardrobe. But am so happy and told myself am so gonna blog this when I came home. And yes I did.

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