Friday, September 23, 2011

it's back...

It's back! Our internet connection was back! Am so happy and excited to go home early coz of that.

Am also done with my laundry. All I need to do is to iron it tomorrow or the day after, my most hated part of human being.

Funny thing was that all my friends asked me what happened to me coz I didn't log on for a long time. They know I'm an internet addict. And in this boring life in middle east, I need some diversion.

Earlier we had the monthly meeting where we do the monthly birthday celebration. Also, big boss announces the promotion of most people and restructuring of finance organizational chart. Well, I'm happy that most of my friends are promoted. I just felt sorry for myself because I don't see any future in our section. And it begins to frustrate me.

Well, enough for whining. I think I should stop it immediately.

Honestly, I think my boss noticed my grumpiness for the last few week because when am pouting for the whole day and shouting in the phone, he gave me a bar of sneakers after lunch and was told to calm down. He's nice but also a bugger from time to time. The only thing I don't have the nerve to tell him was that I'm not really fond of sneakers crunch but rather the classic sneaker. But who am I to refuse chocolates? And I think it's a bit rude if I do tell him that. Atleast, he was nice enough to give one to me.

There was also this instance that I went in the office during my off day and finished my recon. No one was there, which was fine, but I didn't know how did he found out that I worked on off days coz I found a bar sneakers in my table the day after. A little present for doing a hard work. So nice...

Anyway, no work tomorrow so I can stay late tonight.

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