Sunday, November 27, 2011

whatever float your boat

Last friday, we went to Marina Bay in DFC to cheer for our team who compete in the "whatever float your boat" contest open to companies and schools with the theme of using any recycled items to make a boat that will race on the Marina.

Under the freakin' heat, many people watched to cheer for their teams - including us who almost faint in the heat of the sun, and the freakin' smell of people who doesn't know how to use deodorant.

 icrs team

ic/cp team

 al badia team

the three teams

with the other teams

The school teams...

the power of one

this is the most funniest boat as they didn't even moved an inch

we didn't know that on this side, the pool view will be like this... 

"The best things in life are free like: hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, love, laughter, sleep, and good memories..."

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the ticket story

I'm so freakin' happy that I was able to buy a really really cheap ticket going to Philippines c/o Qatar Airways! My beloved airline...

A night before that, when I checked their site, they had a discount (not that big discount but still a bit lower than other ticket prices) so I asked Joan if she can check the rates for me and advise me for any future discounts. The next morning, I received a text message from her telling me that they are having a 3day 25% discount on all destinations. So I immediately checked their site and found out that the previous fare quote I got for the same date before, from AED2,220.00 it became AED1,950.00! My only problem is that I don't have a credit card and my debit card is not working on their site. Thinking of other option, I asked Joan if she could book me and then I will send the money to her. The next day, she called me and told me that she was able to book me but the booking will be valid only for 24 hours so I need to buy it within that time period. Unfortunately, she can't issue the ticket there coz this damn PH travel tax will be included (which I don't need to pay coz I have the OEC that exempts me in paying PH travel tax) which cost Php1,620.00. So she forwarded to my email my booking reference and I called the Dubai office inquiring what's the best option. Found out that if I will buy it through the phone, it will be much cheaper coz their ticketing office will charge additional 7% service charge upon ticket issuance. Over the phone, price is only AED1,490.00 (I almost scream in excitement to hear a much lower price) but if I will buy it over the ticketing counter, price is AED1,585.00. Since my debit card is not acceptable and I don't really have any options, thick faced me bluntly asked Makram if I could use his credit card and I will give my cash to him. He was so nice that he didn't think twice and he said yes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use his card since they do still require the cardholder to visit personally the QR office to validate the purchase for security purposes. Yeah right!

Leaving me no choice, I decided to go to their ticketing office in person. I feel nostalgic to be there. I mean, I never thought that I will be one of their passengers again. The ticketing agent was saying blah blah but I already know most of what she's telling me. Out of my excitement to get my oh-so-cheap ticket, I just noticed back at the accomodation that they didn't issued any receipt to me. Well well...

Anyway, what matters most is that I got a ticket and am so freakin' excited to go home. You don't have any idea how homesick I am now being stucked in Dubai working endlessly for two years. Home here I come! ^_^

breaking dawn fever

Capital O-M-G! Though I'm a bit disappointed that the movie was really a very summarized version of the book, I do still find it very good. The honeymoon scene was mostly cut here in Dubai,  but it's ok since I already saw  it in the internet.

And I love it! We watched it at Mirdiff City Center and I really got annoyed by this stupid arabic kid in the start of the movie coz he accused me of stealing HIS sit. Excuse me, but we have tickets to prove it. His ticket was like a last minute issued ticket with the details handwritten. Told him angrily to go back to the guy in charge to complain because am not going to leave my seat. Such a stupid kid with no respect to others thinking highly of themselves. Anyway, I put my irritation aside coz I want to enjoy the movie.

I love the wolves! They're so cute, especially Jake!

And someone from my back keeps talking about Bella being a slutty girl for seducing Edward even if he doesn't want to touch her. Then she complain again about how slutty she is again for liking Jacob so much. If only I could fill her mouth of nachos that am eating so she could shut her mouth.

Anyway after the movie, we had a light dinner then went to Silvester's place to have some videoke and a little drink. It's a fun night, I do really enjoyed it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

awkward celebration

Am so fucked up today. Generally not in a very good mood but still forced myself to go out since am going to meet my old colleagues whom I'm with when we first came to Dubai. Technically speaking, we are celebrating our two years anniversary today. 

We had our early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (which is my fave resto in Mirdiff City Center) and ordered my favorite tortilla soup and kung pao spaghetti. Dunno why but everything seems so tasteless I didn't enjoy eating it.

Not in the mood also for pictures and all my shots turned out to be fucked up. I can't seem to smile. 

I'm with them but I can't feel like am with them. Luisa and Romeo were talking about people that Mike and I don't know so we end up listening to them talking without relating to what they are talking about. Romeo is behaving so freakingly weird that he's getting into my nerves. So literally, am not talking most of the time. Mike asked me why am so quiet and I told him that I don't know what those two are talking about and he said that he's feeling the same way too. Duh!

After dinner we went to DFC to have some coffee at Seattles Best. And the same thing happened again so I forced myself to talked to Mike about his whereabouts in Marriott which am not really listening. I just want him to talk so I can pretend myself that I'm listening but in reality, my mind was wandering somewhere else.

Honestly speaking, Luisa was one of the most boring people you want to hang out with. Romeo was being weird so am not really in the mood to talk to him. Mike was ok. I want to atleast stay more but Luisa and Romeo kept on saying that they need to go home as they are doing early shift (which is only 1 hour earlier that my sched). 

Anyway, this is one of the most awkward dinner I ever had. So fucked up.

This is us back in 2009. Taken during our city tour at Deira

 Back in 2010, we had our first year celebration at Agemono in International City (I'm kinda shiny here coz I just came back from Jumeirah beach)

And us now in 2011  taken at California Pizza Kitchen

Sunday, November 06, 2011

emo moments

Bear with me for being emotional today.  

I'm such a complicated lady. Now I don't know what I want anymore. Everything seems to be in the wrong direction. And worst is that I'm feeling lost about it.

When I heard that story, couldn't help not to feel lonely and somewhat disappointed to myself. Because no matter how hard I tried to hide it, I can still taste the bitterness in me.

I'm trying to mend the string but it seems that it's really broken. And I'm panicking. Maybe I cannot fix it anymore. Or maybe it doesn't want to be fixed anymore. Or I'm not really trying hard to do anything about it.

I was with Jacky today to clear my mind. Suppose to buy some things to fill my box but end up buying unnecessary things.  

I checked earlier the flight schedule that I previously planned to buy but found out that it's no longer available.

Disappointed, I looked for something that I thought will cheer me up. But later found out that the effect is opposite; it just made me sad.

So while on the bus on my way home, I suddenly realized that things will not come out like what you wanted them to be.

Worst feeling ever was to wait for something that you know that will never happen anymore.

And now I see the clearer picture.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

al ain trip

Since yesterday was the start of our long weekend, we decided to start it by going to Al Ain. Original plan was to meet at 4am to see the sunrise, then later changed it at 9am since nobody wants to wake up early in the morning.

Turned out that Niko and Sergo plus the driver reached dso at 9am and nobody was ready to meet them up in the lobby. And he was like, 'later I will discuss to you guys the importance of being on time' or something like that.

We're still on our way out in the border of Dubai and everybody was already wailing how hungry are we (most of us didn't manage to eat breakfast) so we decided first to stop by in the nearest fastfood or restaurant (whichever comes first) to eat brunch.

winner is Hardees! so while waiting for our orders, did little poses in the corner

first stop - al ain zoo

dunno why I'm the only one who's looking...

of course, group picture! wondering why Julio's the only one among the guys who's smiling in the pic...

no one can enter except me!

a fake looking bird...

the arabian oryx

slowly... slowly...

crying monkey

get me out of here!

big cat!

waiting for the others to come out of the reptiles house

Niko the tour guide

we're still half way and we're so freakin' tired already

Second stop - Jebel Hafeet mountain

rocky mountain

people are no longer allowed to go up here but guess no one listens to that warning

one more shot
am thinking how can we go back again

oh yeah!

poor old shoes

time to go home...

who said halloween is over?