Monday, January 30, 2012

coraline x "the unfortunate events"

I'm so lovin' my new samsung galaxy s2 in coral pink!

I know, I know, picture is a crap but I've got no option

Apparently, my original choice of white color is out of stock. I almost go berserk and throw my normal tantrums when I found out that info. A week ago, the pink color doesn't have any promotion so eventhough only one store sells it, I didn't bought it that time. But faith brought us together, no more white is available. And I freakin' doesn't like black colored mobile!

Fortunately, when we check the pink since all the white stock with promo were gone, it does now came with promo, AED100 voucher, bluetooth, mycandy case and a scratch & win ticket where Romeo won a basic samsung phone. Lucky us!

Unfortunately, I cannot use viber. It's super freakin' blocked! Grrrrr.... Good thing I can use voxer, nyahaha...




So the 'ultimate dream concert' of Toni Gonzaga & Sam Milby is a major flop. As in. Less than 200 people or so. But atleast I earned money that I use as payment to the washing machine and tv that we bought for the flat.




I don't know how should I react to that message. I mean, it's so simply unbelievable. And I was thinking, what did I do last friday? What's so sweet in that?

Rumors are so farfetch stories. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't know that there are rumors. And that rumor will earn me an enemy. Tsk! And I honestly doesn't want to lose a good friend over something so ridiculous. Absolutely absurd. I don't need to prove anything, and definitely I don't need to defend myself.

Anyway, let it be....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

lost in translation

Sometimes I wonder that out of so many languages that Philippines have, I only knew  ONE freaking langage - tagalog.

I'm used in being a place with diverse nationalities. I learn how to deal with it. But the feeling is so different when you're in the room full of people, having the same nationality, but they are speaking in a different language. A total different language.

Just what happened to me last saturday. We were there,  and having the only me who doesn't speak their language. And I don't have the slightest idea what the hell are they talking about. Right there and then, I just wish I had this auto translation device with me so I can understand what they were talking about.

And then all of a sudden, they asked me "can you understand a little bit?". And I was just like, "ahaha... no..."

Fuck, a bit frustrating but sometimes I feel amazed how people can talk multiple languages. How I wish I can do that to. Dum... dum... Why did I ever born in a city who speaks with only one language?

Worst feeling is that no matter how hard I try not to feel out of place, I can't help it. And I have to keep a poker face just to hide the mixed feeling of amusement, embarrassment and uneasiness that I'm feeling.

How long I can do it, I don't have the slightest idea.

Maybe if someone will give me a free class or even a book, I can understand a little bit (which I think is so superficial).

Now I know the feeling of those people being surrounded in a group who speaks in other language. And I always feel sorry for them. And now I feel a bit sorry for myself. Haha... Deal with it momo!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Honestly, I tend to lose my patience nowadays with people over simple things. I mean, can you please read what I wrote before replying nonsense things? You're my friend for years, god sake! Up to now you still don't know me, what I'm thinking?!?

And this other guy is a real bugger. Saw me online on fb and asked where I was. When I said "at the accomodation", he wants to know where is the location of my accomodation. Why on earth would I give my current location to him? I'm not yet out of my mind. And he  keeps on saying this cheesy stuffs till I told him nicely to fuck off and then I logged off.

What a very nice way to start my day. By getting irritated on people whom I'm talking to online.

I'm so tempted to buy a new phone. Bloody hell.


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up..."

Saw this on twitter. It hits me on the spot. Even if my life's a failure right now, I still have to look forward, keep moving on.

Come to think of it, I passed so many good opportunities in life just to seek out impossible dreams. I've done stupid things, made stupid decisions and act stupidly. I'm so immature on many things.

I quit my last job on Manila on impulse. I got so fed up with my work I just resigned. Even without a replacement. And my post was subject for promotion but I didn't wait for it.

When I went alone to Singapore, not even my family knows what I'm thinking. I just went there alone,  not knowing anyone. In that point of my life I felt responsible for myself. No one to talk to, no one to ask for help. It's almost ok until I have to go home.

And now in Dubai, am thinking if I'm on the right path or should I find a new route?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

another one

I badly needed a very good and long cry.

Just to release the stress that I'm feeling right now.

Sent a text message earlier, I thought it was ignored then later saw the reply. Said it was ok. Hmmm... So I think I can go ahead on my plan, though it's not a real plan. I still have to see what it looks like when I go there.

I'm having the same paranoia as last year. Why do I have to feel this again? But now I still don't know. I still have to wait. It's still too early to get paranoid.

I badly needed someone to talk to. I was lucky Jacky was there to cheer me up a little.

I honestly wanted to forget about work. I just wish people will stop greeting by asking how's my work. Can't anyone ask me how I was? 

I'm so tired.

Can I have some hug?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

never ending whining

You've been forwarned. This post is nothing but pure whining of mine.

Had to spend almost 5 hours just charging those pesty credit cards of golf members. And I think it's less than 200 or more. It's really a waste of time.

My email was like bomb! It's totally hell. Can you imagine that my inbox is now full and all of them needs to be replied back? 

My recons are getting higher and higher everyday. And it's for four property. It's crazy!

I have 20 refunds to process. And just looking at them makes me really really want to throw a tantrum.

And he keeps on giving me things to post, rooms to check out and things to double check. Son of a blank! Am I the only person in credit? Can't he see that am working on two PCs, working the job of two people?

I really wanted to scream! You know the feeling that my tears wanted to burst out of my eyes?

So I went to the locker room and asked myself, "if I cry, will it lessen my work?". Obviously, the answer is a big no.

It's so depressing, I'm so depressed.

And kuya from engineering told me that I looked so stressed out and look old. OLD! Goodness! Was it a right thing to comment to a lady? That she looked old?

That's a major shit. I'm so stressed right now I badly needed a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, am no longer excited to go on vacation. Dunno why. Maybe coz deep down inside of me, I have this strange feeling that I might change my mind and not to come back here.

Coz am no longer happy to what's happening in my life.

I'm getting old but I don't see a good future ahead of me. Before I have, but right now, everything is blurred. And it scares me like hell.

Am so depress, am so tempted to drink.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

three weeks left

This is it. I only have three weeks left.

I dunno if I can do it. Hope I have the courage to continue what I've started. It's torture. Geez...

Honestly, I'm gonna go berserk today. Work is like hell. I dunno where to start. It's so shitty. They keep on sending me emails, non stop! And I really want to scream.

After lunch I decided to do Al Badia. Unbelievable. I stared at the computer for so long not knowing what to do next. I feel so shitty.

I can't blame anyone. Jea was way too busy last week that she just showed how to do it. Yup, and I don't have any proper training in sun. Geez!

Anyway, tomorrow I know I can do it. Will just pray that FO, reservations and Makram will stop sending me emails about bank transfers.

Went to Abu Dhabi last thursday after we picked up Jacky. Their accomodation is way too big than ours. Unbelievable!

I miss Jacky and I miss talking to my friends. It's not that I don't have any here but before, whenever I go home, it feels like home. Now, when I go home, it feels like I just need to rest then work again. I don't have any peace of mind. I don't have any diversion. 

And I look old now. Waaaaaa....




Three weeks. Three more weeks.

Got mixed feelings about it. Can't further explain it.

I wish I'll wake up tomorrow that I'm no longer fat. :(

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

new room

I'm currently in my new room now. Erlyn's still in our old room and planned to move on weekends. Meaning I have few days to have my own space. Nice!

Actually, I already slept here last night. Which I think is not a good idea coz I wasn't able to sleep well. I tend to wake up every hour, goodness! I only brought my mattress along with me coz the bedframe will be moved by the housing staff.

When I came home tonight, my bedframe is on the right side. I want the left side so I tried to move it but it was fucking heavy. I posted something on my fb's wall and luckily, Julio and Renz read it and help me move the bed and my side tables from 6th floor. So deeply touched!

Atlast I can walk properly now. Having trouble walking for past few days that I can't wear heels. But now I'm perfectly fine. 

Jacky's coming home! Yipeee.... I miss her so much. I'm so tempted to go with her to Abu Dhabi but I'm actually planning to go to office to finish some work on weekends. Hmm... Lemme think about it.

I'm hungry. Haayz...