Monday, June 25, 2012

what to do

Curiosity is one of my weakest link. Sometimes I want to spank myself for being one. I can't deny that I've been through a lot of troubles coz of this. Sometimes I hate but sometimes I enjoyed it.

Adventurous? Well, it depends on the situation. But most of the time no, but I just got carried away by the flow. Which is sometimes good and most of the time bad coz I got into situation I don't really like. A friend of mine teasingly told me that she thought I was the adventurous type when I screamed about something I'm watching that I will never dare to do it. Which made me think, do I look like the kind of person who likes adventures? Maybe when am into my rebellious mode and being too elated over something.

Where am I getting? Well let's just say like this. One day I'm so hungry I opened my drawer and  found two chocolates. One is plain milk chocolate from a known brand and the other one is white chocolate with nougats from an unknown brand. I love the milk chocolate one but I've been having it regularly that if I keep on eating the same thing, sooner or later I'll get fed up of it. Yes it taste very good but it became boring as 1. it's plain 2. am always eating it 3. it's always there. While the white chocolate, it's like I'm having a second thought as I haven't tried it before. It's been there for a long time but I keep on ignoring it coz I don't know the brand and I may not like it. But curiosity strikes. I'm bored and what's wrong in trying something new? So I taste it. It's not super good but it taste good. The bad thing, I want to try more. Coz I'm trying to prove something. Looking on something that may surprise me. Question is, is there really something surprising hiding in there? Or am just wasting my time?

Okay, I know I'm talking nonsense now. I'm just having a week full of chocolates. Different kinds of chocolates from different parts of the world. And I'm so loving it. And at the same time, they were all just given to me.

Honestly, my real point right now is am so confused. Confused with so many conflicting things. I can avoid if I wanted to but I don't why am not. I'm still asking myself if I have the guts to talk to him about my soon to be decision. Well, I haven't decided yet coz the other one is not yet confirmed. And now I can't focus on my work. Maybe I should stop it. Stop hallucinating.

Friday, June 22, 2012

random mumblings of a bored person

The day is almost over and I spent it doing my laundry for the whole day. Though I did half of my laundry last week, I still have to do three batches today. What a bummer!

Bored to hell, I tried watching movies and search anything I want to look at the net.

Checked my twitter account and I found this one tweet about this one blog. 

I tumbled on this blog and it's like wow. Haha... I had fun reading her blogs (even the old ones dated  2006). I so admire people who can write like they were just thinking out aloud.

I like how she writes. She's liberated in her own ways. Thinking hard, guess it would be fun to be like that. Actually I can if I wanted to but I don't opt for that. 

I admit I do stupid things most of the time. Got vices that I'm trying hard to stop.

I don't even understand myself why I drink a lot before. I do smoke before but stop it abruptly as I don't enjoy it that much unless am drunk or am really feeling cold. 

My body cannot hold much of alcohol like I can when I was young, wtf! This is one sign that I'm really getting old. And when I get drunk now, I do foolish things that I do forget when I got sober. Which is really really bad.

Anyway, the night is still young but I'm too lazy to move. I need to fix something edible (which I mean is canned goods) coz it's almost 8pm and need to eat now. Looked around my cupboard and found instant yakisoba. Dinner will be ready in two minutes.

I need to give myself a big, nice slap. My mind is not working properly eversince that incident and reading her blog didn't help me at all. Instead it makes me want to do something new, try something new that I'm pretty sure that I will either regret nor enjoyed in the future wtf.

I still have time to think. Should I give in to the temptation? Haha... What a word I came up with - temptation. It's not like I'm going to do something bad or what. Tsk! It's like indulging a very big piece of white chocolate that after I ate I'll feel bad coz I'll get bloated.

I want to go out. Dance in the club or attend parties or just laugh my lungs out.

When was the last time I grind on the dancefloor of a club? I don't even remember anymore.

I'm so bored. And I don't like feeling so bored coz I might do something stupid.

Is there any quick way to lose weight? Darn, I want to be skinny where I can wear those clothes I've always wanted to wear. Like those skimpy two piece I saw on mtv wtf.

And I want to perm my hair. Big curls that will make my head bigger than before. So even if I don't brush my hair, no one will notice it.

I want to buy a new luggage in cabin size. But hell they were expensive when we window shopped yesterday. So like the Hello Kitty pink luggage (though I prefer not to have pink). But I need to get one sooner.

I promise myself to stay positive. Part of "The Secret" that I must start to practice. I need to get a copy of this book. 

Okay, one pic before I go. Told you I'm so bored I took a photo of my legs. Haha...

So much for this. Tata for now.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

jordan trip

I've been MIA for quite a long time. Been busy with so many things.

Internet connection so fucked I cannot browse nor post properly.

Few happenings passed by but major one was the Jordan trip. Yep! Didn't really seriously planned it but it happened. Went with Niko and Silvester but Silvester went on a different flight coz the ticket price went unbelievably high and him and I have to compete on booking online to get the lower price (which is unfortunately only one spot) coz Niko already bought his ticket earlier that day.

We rented a car but unfortunately the GPS didn't work properly so we don't have any choice but to depend on our instinct (which is exactly Niko's).

first stop - Citadel, Amman. old amphitheater can be seen in the background of this pic

on the parking lot going to the musuem

this is the map 

it's so freakin' hot as it's 01:30pm

temple of hercules

feeling Hercules

I forgot what is this

view from our room. we stayed at Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea and it looks like this during the night

dead sea by day

at karak. Niko insisted on passing by here as this place was included in the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" though they didn't shoot here. Unfortunately, they were going to open the gate at 09:30am coz it's friday and we were there by 08:30am so we decided to go straight to Petra coz it's a 3 hours drive

walking on a long beginning point towards the main city of Petra (and it's freakin' hot coz it's 11:30am)

horses and donkeys are everywhere in case you're too lazy to walk (in my case I insist on walking since my two buddies were walking. one for all, all for one! haha). when I saw this shot I almost fell laughing coz the horse tail looks like a hair extension to my hair.

after a very long walk, we finally reach the entry point of city of Petra. and this is where it starts...


 on our back is their old amphitheater

 me photobombing big papa's pic... hehe...

the granite stones looks really nice in person

I ordered "proust chicken" coz server doesn't speak english much, turned out that my order was just chicken nuggets, wtf! Niko was way too nice to give me half of his food in exchange of my proust chicken aka chicken nuggets

 found this cat in the alley of the hotel on my way to the back part to swim to the dead sea

cannot post other pics coz I look uber fat in my swimwear, wtf

 found a greek orthodox church in madaba. we were actually looking for the mosaic museum but end up here. Niko was way too happy in this discovery
Silvester took a pic of my back while am taking a nap coz am not really feeling well on our last day in Jordan, maybe due to lack of breakfast and hangover from Jaggermeister.

We still got tons of pictures but am not yet done uploading them as I need to sleep now. I'll just update this blog tomorrow for the other pics.

Tata for now!