Friday, June 22, 2012

random mumblings of a bored person

The day is almost over and I spent it doing my laundry for the whole day. Though I did half of my laundry last week, I still have to do three batches today. What a bummer!

Bored to hell, I tried watching movies and search anything I want to look at the net.

Checked my twitter account and I found this one tweet about this one blog. 

I tumbled on this blog and it's like wow. Haha... I had fun reading her blogs (even the old ones dated  2006). I so admire people who can write like they were just thinking out aloud.

I like how she writes. She's liberated in her own ways. Thinking hard, guess it would be fun to be like that. Actually I can if I wanted to but I don't opt for that. 

I admit I do stupid things most of the time. Got vices that I'm trying hard to stop.

I don't even understand myself why I drink a lot before. I do smoke before but stop it abruptly as I don't enjoy it that much unless am drunk or am really feeling cold. 

My body cannot hold much of alcohol like I can when I was young, wtf! This is one sign that I'm really getting old. And when I get drunk now, I do foolish things that I do forget when I got sober. Which is really really bad.

Anyway, the night is still young but I'm too lazy to move. I need to fix something edible (which I mean is canned goods) coz it's almost 8pm and need to eat now. Looked around my cupboard and found instant yakisoba. Dinner will be ready in two minutes.

I need to give myself a big, nice slap. My mind is not working properly eversince that incident and reading her blog didn't help me at all. Instead it makes me want to do something new, try something new that I'm pretty sure that I will either regret nor enjoyed in the future wtf.

I still have time to think. Should I give in to the temptation? Haha... What a word I came up with - temptation. It's not like I'm going to do something bad or what. Tsk! It's like indulging a very big piece of white chocolate that after I ate I'll feel bad coz I'll get bloated.

I want to go out. Dance in the club or attend parties or just laugh my lungs out.

When was the last time I grind on the dancefloor of a club? I don't even remember anymore.

I'm so bored. And I don't like feeling so bored coz I might do something stupid.

Is there any quick way to lose weight? Darn, I want to be skinny where I can wear those clothes I've always wanted to wear. Like those skimpy two piece I saw on mtv wtf.

And I want to perm my hair. Big curls that will make my head bigger than before. So even if I don't brush my hair, no one will notice it.

I want to buy a new luggage in cabin size. But hell they were expensive when we window shopped yesterday. So like the Hello Kitty pink luggage (though I prefer not to have pink). But I need to get one sooner.

I promise myself to stay positive. Part of "The Secret" that I must start to practice. I need to get a copy of this book. 

Okay, one pic before I go. Told you I'm so bored I took a photo of my legs. Haha...

So much for this. Tata for now.

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