Friday, January 31, 2014

pondering thoughts

Have you ever been in the position when you're torn in two things? That when you finally decided on something, suddenly in the end you became undecided again?

Been asked for the same question today by several people. Same question that really hit me on the spot.

Seriously, maybe I'm just being selfish to see that someone was now taking the place that I know was suppose to be mine. That if only I said yes, things will be different. That if only I discussed it first with them, maybe there will be a different outcome now. 

Waaaaaa.... I can't be like this.

I need to stand firm on what I've decided months ago. And I'm happy for all those people who got the chance. Because I believe that everything happens for a reason. Me leaving meaning giving chance to others. And I think that they should thank me for giving way as well. Sometimes, I do really am a hypocrite person.

Anyway, I hope for the best to all of us.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

counting the days

Well, it's like only two more weeks.

Been super busy room hunting (not flat hunting anymore as it's too expensive to rent a flat alone). Been disappointed countless of times looking for the "one".

Yesterday I was so down coz the one that I thought will be ok turns out not ok. Price doesn't match as what's advertised. In the end, we just went to grand mosque to kill time then I went back to Dubai.

I found one room, only seen through skype but I still confirmed to take it as it looks ok. Will see the real thing on friday. Fingers crossed.

Honestly, I don't feel happy leaving this company. Rather, I kinda scared for what's waiting for me there. But hey, I am Sam! I'm not me if I cower down and be scared of the new challenges ahead of me.  I'm not the type of person to stay in one place and be on the comfort zone for a long time.

Btw, had this gruesome experience that almost took my insanity (just exaggerating). My phone just went gaga and been crashing non stop.

First had this issue with twlauncher then social hub. Cannot send sms and cannot view my emails. Had to search non stop in internet, downloading this, downloading that. In the end, my phone and features looks totally different. My previous themes and wallpapers were all gone (bye bye coraline). Now it's all too pinky coz I want to match my theme with my handset color. But am glad that it's now working. I'm so worried that I have to buy a new phone (currently on a tight budget coz I'm gonna move to a new room). Plus I cannot tahan changing my beloved coraline for a new one. Such strong bond.

So far still getting these annoying crash error messages but everythings working so far. Only battery runs out very fast lah. My phone's basically on the charger for almost the whole day. But I have to hold on. This month and next month will be quite hard for me so I can't afford to spend on things like this.

Friday, January 17, 2014

back back

I'm back, and I'm damn sick.

Recently my days are getting crazy, eversince I resigned. And as usual, it's busy like hell.

But seriously, I kinda getting lonely everytime people are talking to me like leaving will be the biggest mistake I'll ever do. But what can I do? 

Now am worried for so many things. And I'm getting fat coz of that.

And I can't sleep again. Maybe coz I'm having this certain feeling that I will leave this place sooner than I thought.

I already took medicine but seems like it's not working. Maybe I needed a higher dosage.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

happy new year!

I still can't believe that it's already 2014. Time sure passes by quickly.

As a habit, lemme recap what happened for 2013. Basically, it's not too exciting but overall I had a good year. Hope I have better year ahead of me.

I think I attended a lot of training last year and do some various stuff. All photos are shitty as I need to resize or grab them from somewhere as I cannot upload now good quality pics here; unless I pay to Google.

  • Had the Craft Training Certificate. Basically it's a training on how to properly train a person or group of person. Had lots of fun.
 while I was being trained (it's dual training - you need to train and be trained as well); grabbed this photo from fb of someone else

  •  Dyed my hair. I requested it to be violet blue but for some reason, it turned out reddish brown.

  • Jazz Festival season. Wasn't able to attend last year coz I went for vacation in Manila. This year volunteered myself to work for three days so I can watch for free.
 worked as a bartended in VIP area so I can see the "The Script" up close :)

  • Went to Miracle Garden with friends
 so hard to get a spot in this heart-shaped arc as lots of people wants to have pics here

  • Gathered my courage and blindly applied for Schengen visa. After two weeks of waiting, my passport came back to me smiling - ready for the European trip!

  • Travelled to Greece, Italy, France and Netherlands. We have to give up Spain due to schedule conflict.
dream came true to be in Santori, though the weather is not cooperative it's so gloomy. greeted by a friendly tour guide, haha

 found this lovable, sweet kitty in Acropolis, wanted badly to bring him home

Vatican - with the chance to see the new Pope for real

eversince I read the book "The Da Vinci Code", I've always wanted to visit Louvre, too bad we don't have enough time to do so

it was freaking cold had to buy new jacket

  • Had the Accelerated Leadership Development Program 1 together with Ivan. This training aims to improve the leadership skills of a leader who's supervising a person / group of people.

  • Was able to meet my other sister after 6 long years. It was nice to see our family complete.
 our first dine out.

  • Attended "Understanding our Leadership Competencies" training
  • Attended "Writing a Briliant Self Review"
  • Celebrated our four years anniversary here in Dubai
 this time, it's only the two of us. my first time try our outlet "Anise".

  • Had a sudden bonding moment with Lyndon after so long

Well, guess that's it. Couldn't remember other occassions. I just hope in 2014 I'll be able to travel again. Life's too short to just let it pass by.

I thank my family for giving me happiness, my friends, my work and my colleagues. And to the future path that I'm going to embark, I hope that will be a fresh start of a good life.