Thursday, February 23, 2012

passing time

In a few hours I'll board the plane back to Dubai. Why so fast?

Kept on telling myself that I shouldn't be lonely going back there because it's my choice. Nobody forced me. I decided it by myself.

I will miss playing with Chikong. I will miss waking up late. I will miss watching anime shows. I will miss eating Filipino foods. Oh my! Come to think of it, I forgot to eat qeuk quek! Waaaaa...

My flight is 6:05pm and now it's 12:40pm. I'm not yet done packing my things but who cares?

Monday, February 20, 2012

casino experience

What kept me busy yesterday? - Casino

oha! membership at resorts world. didn't bring any valid id, luckily, they did accept my company id. my face in this id is so freakingly like siopao

stupid game, I lose all my credits without winning anything

the couple enjoying the same game

Was supposed to watch The Vow, but the only screening available at Resorts World is 12:45am! Goodness! So we decided to have our dinner at Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hills instead.

dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak! overload style...

dessert at Sweet Pea - dulce de leche... yum yum!

mango galore!

tin men

Had so much fun hanging out with them. We were suppose to go to Tagaytay Highlands to see where we (if ever I will go home on Nov) are going to stay during Vina's wedding. Waaaaa... Cannot tahan listening to them talking about weddings, family and children. My god! How come all of them are getting married? And why all of them are asking me when am getting married?

Today was my trip to the dentist. It's the first time in 28 years of my life, a dentist told me that I have a good teeth. Ahuhu... So overwhelmed I almost drown myself in a glass of water beside me (overreacting). Anyway, I trust them as they were the dentist of my sister also. Hope my teeth will be okay while in Dubai.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

through the old stuffs

Gone through with my old stuffs starting with my precious box that I sealed before I went to Dubai. So most of the letters (mostly from the banks for my credit cards), I threw them in the garbage since they are paid already. I just made a quick look on the statement to see what are the purchases I made.

Also saw my old diaries, just wondering where is my 2008 diary since the 2009 is with me in Dubai. Ampf! Cannot remember where I put it. Anyway, my 2006 diary is filled with all the job applications and job interview schedules. Can you imagine I had three companies in year 2006? Unbelievable!

But my most favorite year is 2007. It's my travel year, local and international. I started January going to Baguio and ended the year going to Bohol. And each month I went to different places. So amazing.

I laughed when I saw my old notes from my previous companies. On how to use SAP system for fixed assets - from asset creation to depreciation. Though I'm sure this will not be useful anymore as SAP system is a customized system depending on the needs of the company. Anyway, my notes are quite helpful. Also my notes on using Oracle system for accounts receivable and payables. Ahaha... I almost forgot that I handled payables for a brief period.

I'm so happy to see the cd given by Joan where our photos from SG / MY trip was saved. I lost all my pictures (and when I mean all, I mean ALL as the hard drive in our pc crashed) and so happy to see this cd. Am so freakin' fat in all our pictures, wtf!

Can you imagine I still have SGD68 with me? Now I don't know whether I should go to exchange center or just keep it with me. Anyway, I threw all my sg memoirs.

Pics below from our ancient trip:

freakin' hard to ask someone to take a picture of us including the whole building of Petronas Tower

at the cable car on our way to Genting Highlands. Joan was actually freaking out as she's scared of heights.

this is actually our last picture before we head back to Malaysia

first pic taken at Sentosa

That's it for now... Need to sleep...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the uncertainty

Here I am again, feeling lost and uncertain over things around me.

I have this mixed feeling that I don't want to go back to Dubai and just stay here to find a work or return back (which is the most obvious thing that I'm going to do). Honestly speaking, I don't feel like am getting enough rest at night coz am thinking about so many things.

And I only have one week left for my vacation. I didn't go anywhere far (as in out of town) coz I've been busy helping my sister with her wedding, most of my friends are busy, it's always raining (I super hate rain), fear that I'll go beyond my budget and lastly, fear of roaming around alone. I honestly dunno, but I recently got this fear of getting out of the house alone coz my oldies warned me that a lot of mishaps and crimes where happening around the street were we live right now. I lost the nerve to go home late as I always fear that someone might be hiding in the dark waiting for me and do something unbelievable. Heard that the lady living beside us got robbed around 2am by two guys in a motorbike just in front of our gate. Goodness!

So technically, I'm even scared to bring my new phone and my wallet fearing that somebody might snatch my bag along the way or slash my bag unknowingly and will get all my valuables inside my bag. Cannot tahan thinking it. In short, I'm getting so paranoid.

Unlike before, I don't care. I've been to hideous places without fear. I can go home very late, can go to different and far places alone, can ride the public jeepney or bus even sleeping along the way; now I cannot do it anymore. Think am getting coward.

Anyway, my oldies are happier that way. They don't like the idea of me going out alone, they prefer me to stay at home, surfing the net, watching tv shows, looking into my old stuffs or play with Hachiko. Honestly, they treating me like a small kid nowadays and even urging me not to go back to Dubai. Arghhhh....

Got some allergies all over my body that were so super itchy! Super hate it, hope it will go away.

I'm so hopeful for that one thing. Really really pray that some miracle will happen and answer my prayers.




Quick update for my food diary, we celebrated valentines day at Yakimix in Podium. Had a haircut but didn't like it so I'm thinking of going back to other salon to have a decent haircut. The bangs I'm currently sporting is so unbelievable I look stupid on it.

My first time to eat at Yakimix as I don't normally go to Podium (coz for me it's a useless high end mall that is so small). It's so near in Megamall so why should I bother go there? I only go to Podium to have a haircut. Anyway, Yakimix is a buffet + smokeless grill japanese/korean/filipino food. Food is amazing. Everything were so good. From appetizer to dessert. Am so full I'm having problem walking down the parking lot. No wonder the table queue was so long. we arrived there before 6pm and we're on the waiting list no. 13. Goodness!

Then last night, met my former QR officemates and Annie and had dinner at Zhong at Fort Strip. It's so fun to listen to their non stop stories. Unfortunately, MFC and RE (still had the habit to call them by their amadeus codes) had to go home early. We have to wait for VS then we went to chill at Starbucks in high street.


Not so sure if I'm going to travel expo at MOA on saturday. It will be just too tempting to see all this goodies and travel promos when I know that it will be impossible for me to travel anymore.

Hope to see Joan again and spend a quality time together again.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

wedding etc...

The wedding is done atlast! I just couldn't comprehend weddings, it will take you so long for the preparation and the actual ceremony only takes a few hours! All those plans, pressures, tears and everything, arghhh!

I even wonder how people cries during wedding rites. While standing on the front side of the altar waiting for my sister to walk in the aisle, I couldn't help not to feel emotional when I saw her in her wedding dress, along with my parents side by side, with her fave song in the background. Never thought that I will be able to see both of my sisters to get married, and witness the joy in their eyes during this celebration.

Before I only have two sisters. Now I also have two brothers.

The stress of this wedding celebration that was on my sister's shoulder is unbelievable! Sometimes I feel sorry for her that I help her in as much as I can - like I did bought her some wedding items coz the one she got was way too ugly and we have to replace it; I bought my parents shoes so she don't have to think about it anymore; I made her a DIY marriage contract holder (which costs me the same amount as the ready made in the wedding library and cost me so much trouble); and I waited for hours in the mall just to get her guestbook at Kameraworld. I know I sounded stupid recalling what I've done for her but I'm so touch coz she told me how thankful she was that I'm helping her in small things like this.

The part that I love most in the reception is when my sister dances with my father and the speaker was telling about a story of my sister's tale about my father. How we grew up without a father physically coz he needed to work abroad to support us. But inspite of it, we grew up just as what my parents expect from us. It's actually long but I couldn't (or literally doesn't want) to recall it as I do get teary eyes. Yup, even now that I'm recalling it makes me cry so I will not write about it anymore.

As much as I wanted to post pictures, I may post it later on as I still need to recheck it. My gown's a disaster and I look so fat in it. Besides, I took most of the photos and videos in my fone and we don't have wifi in the house (I know I know were old school but what to do?)

In fairness, the food were great! I love the pork dish something (dunno what it is called but it's so yummy!). I'm so full it made my dress more tight that I can't walk properly anymore.

Anyway, I'm kinda tired now so I will post a new blog later for the updates.




pic updates:

Tata for now!

Monday, February 06, 2012

third day

Been here for only three days and am spending already a lot. I mean, Php15,000 in three days? How about my remaining 17days? To think that I haven't done any shopping for myself, not so sure if I will still have enough money for my own shopping.

Anyway, I don't regret that much in spending my money. Coz am spending it to my love ones. Yikes!

After picking up the unity candle of my sister and shoes hunting for the oldies, went to High Street to meet Vina and Tin. It's so nice to chat with them again. So many things to talk to, so many things to catch up with them.

I haven't seen Tin's oh so cute little girl Chardy. She's so cute she likes to smile, even when she's asleep. Too bad I can't go on her baptismal as it will be held on 11March12 in Bataan. So sad.

Vina's getting married on December this year. I don't think I can attend it also. I really don't know. If it happens, that will be the third wedding of my friends that I'm gonna miss out.

Everybody's getting married! Why? Why? Why? Am I really getting old that my friends are getting married and some of them have their own children already? I cannot tahan that!

And I forgot to tell that Tin got promoted again. She's AVP now in Citi... Am so proud of her. And Vina is assistant controller now. Wow! My friends were amazing. Am so happy and proud of them.

I just thought of these two words again, "what" and "if". Two words that means a lot if you put them together. What if I didn't resigned in my job here? Coz before, I'm almost getting the same salary that I'm currently getting (except that my current is tax free). But of course, I need to move on. I chose this, I should be firm with this decision of mine.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We'll going to do church hunting for Vina. Going to Tagaytay or Batangas. This is joyride, yeah!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

goodbye dubai... hello manila!

I'm back. And it feels so good.

My flight was on time yesterday so I arrived on time. Which is perfectly fine coz I didn't get enough sleep during the whole flight. I think I just had two or three hours sleep. To think that the day before my flight I don't have enough sleep also. Sometimes I wonder how does my body works even my lack of sleep. Unbelievable!

Anyway, my family was there to pick me up in the airport. Am so happy. After lunch, we went to Trinoma mall to meet the wedding coordinator of my sister. They had a long meeting, and I mean LONG that I almost fell asleep in the couch of UCC cafe.

So I left them and stroll in the mall alone. Geez... So many things I like to buy. And so many food I like to eat!

It's like everywhere I turn my head, I can see mouth watering foods!