Monday, February 20, 2012

casino experience

What kept me busy yesterday? - Casino

oha! membership at resorts world. didn't bring any valid id, luckily, they did accept my company id. my face in this id is so freakingly like siopao

stupid game, I lose all my credits without winning anything

the couple enjoying the same game

Was supposed to watch The Vow, but the only screening available at Resorts World is 12:45am! Goodness! So we decided to have our dinner at Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hills instead.

dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak! overload style...

dessert at Sweet Pea - dulce de leche... yum yum!

mango galore!

tin men

Had so much fun hanging out with them. We were suppose to go to Tagaytay Highlands to see where we (if ever I will go home on Nov) are going to stay during Vina's wedding. Waaaaa... Cannot tahan listening to them talking about weddings, family and children. My god! How come all of them are getting married? And why all of them are asking me when am getting married?

Today was my trip to the dentist. It's the first time in 28 years of my life, a dentist told me that I have a good teeth. Ahuhu... So overwhelmed I almost drown myself in a glass of water beside me (overreacting). Anyway, I trust them as they were the dentist of my sister also. Hope my teeth will be okay while in Dubai.

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