Saturday, February 11, 2012

wedding etc...

The wedding is done atlast! I just couldn't comprehend weddings, it will take you so long for the preparation and the actual ceremony only takes a few hours! All those plans, pressures, tears and everything, arghhh!

I even wonder how people cries during wedding rites. While standing on the front side of the altar waiting for my sister to walk in the aisle, I couldn't help not to feel emotional when I saw her in her wedding dress, along with my parents side by side, with her fave song in the background. Never thought that I will be able to see both of my sisters to get married, and witness the joy in their eyes during this celebration.

Before I only have two sisters. Now I also have two brothers.

The stress of this wedding celebration that was on my sister's shoulder is unbelievable! Sometimes I feel sorry for her that I help her in as much as I can - like I did bought her some wedding items coz the one she got was way too ugly and we have to replace it; I bought my parents shoes so she don't have to think about it anymore; I made her a DIY marriage contract holder (which costs me the same amount as the ready made in the wedding library and cost me so much trouble); and I waited for hours in the mall just to get her guestbook at Kameraworld. I know I sounded stupid recalling what I've done for her but I'm so touch coz she told me how thankful she was that I'm helping her in small things like this.

The part that I love most in the reception is when my sister dances with my father and the speaker was telling about a story of my sister's tale about my father. How we grew up without a father physically coz he needed to work abroad to support us. But inspite of it, we grew up just as what my parents expect from us. It's actually long but I couldn't (or literally doesn't want) to recall it as I do get teary eyes. Yup, even now that I'm recalling it makes me cry so I will not write about it anymore.

As much as I wanted to post pictures, I may post it later on as I still need to recheck it. My gown's a disaster and I look so fat in it. Besides, I took most of the photos and videos in my fone and we don't have wifi in the house (I know I know were old school but what to do?)

In fairness, the food were great! I love the pork dish something (dunno what it is called but it's so yummy!). I'm so full it made my dress more tight that I can't walk properly anymore.

Anyway, I'm kinda tired now so I will post a new blog later for the updates.




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