Monday, February 06, 2012

third day

Been here for only three days and am spending already a lot. I mean, Php15,000 in three days? How about my remaining 17days? To think that I haven't done any shopping for myself, not so sure if I will still have enough money for my own shopping.

Anyway, I don't regret that much in spending my money. Coz am spending it to my love ones. Yikes!

After picking up the unity candle of my sister and shoes hunting for the oldies, went to High Street to meet Vina and Tin. It's so nice to chat with them again. So many things to talk to, so many things to catch up with them.

I haven't seen Tin's oh so cute little girl Chardy. She's so cute she likes to smile, even when she's asleep. Too bad I can't go on her baptismal as it will be held on 11March12 in Bataan. So sad.

Vina's getting married on December this year. I don't think I can attend it also. I really don't know. If it happens, that will be the third wedding of my friends that I'm gonna miss out.

Everybody's getting married! Why? Why? Why? Am I really getting old that my friends are getting married and some of them have their own children already? I cannot tahan that!

And I forgot to tell that Tin got promoted again. She's AVP now in Citi... Am so proud of her. And Vina is assistant controller now. Wow! My friends were amazing. Am so happy and proud of them.

I just thought of these two words again, "what" and "if". Two words that means a lot if you put them together. What if I didn't resigned in my job here? Coz before, I'm almost getting the same salary that I'm currently getting (except that my current is tax free). But of course, I need to move on. I chose this, I should be firm with this decision of mine.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We'll going to do church hunting for Vina. Going to Tagaytay or Batangas. This is joyride, yeah!

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