Saturday, September 28, 2013

weekend weekend

Atleast my weekend is quite fruitful.

Yesterday I went out to meet Jackie and Mike. It's actually a joing celebration of Mike and his friends and they rented out a two bedroom suite at Marriott Marina so we went to there to meet him. The food was unbelievably good I'm so full I want to explode.

Today, me Renz and Julio went to to Outlet Mall to buy some knick knacks. Well, after so many hours of going around circles, I managed to buy a pair of shoes (for office shoes), some shirts and a jumping rope. Well, I think I'll be ready now for my vacation.

I finally managed to check on the Instax polaroid camera I've been dreaming for so long. I never thought that it will be cheap, maybe I need to save money once I got back from vacation so I can buy it. I so wanted to have a instax camera. Waaaaaa... Although it is still much better to have another camera where I can save the pictures and post online, this one is just like for fun. 

Come to think of it, I almost forgot to pay for the internet. Good thing I got reminded by someone.

Two more weeks and I'm off to work! Vacation here I come!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

dead me

I'm so tired I lost my appetite to eat.

Currently am swimming with my work I want to shred all the papers in my table.

Had to extend big time today so atleast my work for tomorrow will be lessen.

This is me right now...

And what irritates me to no end is that when I got home, the A/C is turned off by these buggers housemate of mine. Ampf!

I wonder why I can't keep my mouth shut coz earlier the guard was saying something to other people while I was asking for some maintenance form and I got curious so I ask why. She said that it's no longer allowed to bring home uniforms. Then she asked me, idiot me said it's my uniform so she got my name, staff number and flat. Whatever.  As if that can stop me.

Anyway, my brain is not working anymore. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Finally got my ticket back home. And to my surprise, they got a direct flight for me. Woohoo!!!

Unfortunately, I'll arrive there at night and I'll be back here at night as well. Well I know they're going to pick me up in the airport there but arriving at night means I lose one day of going around. I really have limited days there so I want to maximize it as much as possible. Unfortunately, I can't change the dates anymore and I'm afraid that if I will complain with the flight timings, they will give me shitty flight instead.

I know this sucks to think but since I don't expect someone to pick me up from the airport back here, I feel bad going home at night. Travelling alone in the taxi when I can't even think to close my eyes coz I'm still afraid that the driver will drop me somewhere in the middle of the desert (yes, our accomodation is located somewhere in the desert, wtf)

And the most annoying thing  is that I'm gonna spend my birthday all alone. Although I do hope that someone with a big heart will surprise me, I know it's not gonna happen. Why did my birthday have to be on saturday and not friday? :( :( :( 

And my box is still in my room. Guess I'll be gone and back when it reaches the destination.

Tomorrow I need to do again a 10-15 minute training. I seriously don't know how did I become a trainer when I suck in that department. Honestly, I hate training. Though I can do it one by one, doing it with several people is a different case. I tend to get shaky and nervous. And I tend to forgot the things I always wanted to say. And tomorrow it's with the whole team. I'm so nervous I want to call sick.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

fun day

I had so much fun today. The whole finance team went for bowling and this is the first time I enjoyed playing bowling (maybe coz am little lucky today that my scores were not that low?) and everybody had a good time playing. Sorry for those who didn't come, they miss all the fun.

Also, eventhough it's only the start of "ber" months, I already bought my Christmas gifts to my friends. I'm thinking whether to wrap them or leave it as it is. My gifts for my frineds in Manila am sure am not gonna wrap coz I'll still need to put them inside my luggage. Am so excited to give it to them. I hope they will like it. But am still undecided which one to give who. I bought seven for the meantime for my girlfriends and for my guy friends, maybe later on. Ohhh.... super excited.

Btw, lately I'm waking up at 4am which irritates me to no end. And coz of this, am having headache. Not a simple headache but super headache that I need to take medicine for it. Am so looking forward for vacation.

Tomorrow's the last day of the week. At last!!!