Wednesday, September 04, 2013

fun day

I had so much fun today. The whole finance team went for bowling and this is the first time I enjoyed playing bowling (maybe coz am little lucky today that my scores were not that low?) and everybody had a good time playing. Sorry for those who didn't come, they miss all the fun.

Also, eventhough it's only the start of "ber" months, I already bought my Christmas gifts to my friends. I'm thinking whether to wrap them or leave it as it is. My gifts for my frineds in Manila am sure am not gonna wrap coz I'll still need to put them inside my luggage. Am so excited to give it to them. I hope they will like it. But am still undecided which one to give who. I bought seven for the meantime for my girlfriends and for my guy friends, maybe later on. Ohhh.... super excited.

Btw, lately I'm waking up at 4am which irritates me to no end. And coz of this, am having headache. Not a simple headache but super headache that I need to take medicine for it. Am so looking forward for vacation.

Tomorrow's the last day of the week. At last!!!

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