Friday, August 30, 2013

sickly weekend

I'm terribly sick since yesterday. And I hate it.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt that I already got the virus coz my body is not feeling okay. I tried to be alright for the whole day but it turned worse when I attended that presentation hel by Network coz I felt suffocated in the back office and it clogged my nose to no end. Prishy was there and she was saying something to me but I can't seem to understand her so I'm just saying yes to everything she says (hope nothing important that needed a "no" answer). Even the guy from Network kept on telling me something but my brain refuse to process such information so I guess he thinks it's useless to talk to me. Well, I couldn't help it. Then when I came back to the office, I forgot to remind them regarding the info that Makram wants to pass them (felt guilty but it totally slipped out of my mind coz I'm concentrating on during the whole training not to sneeze and sniff).

Then found some arabic sweets left by Mazen in my table. Afterwards, had a little birthday celebration in the office. Had to hide in the back coz my nose is crying non stop and I had to stuff tissue to it. And I lost my taste buds (not literally) that time that the chocolate cake taste like bitter cake, wtf!

Went home shivering so I just decided to eat some noodles while watching "Die Hard 2". Man, Bruce Willis still does have hair! I sort of got addicted to "Die Hard" I watched all the series and had to pay AED20 to watch the last series on tv. 

Back to being sick, the thing I hated being sick is that first of all, I don't have any stock of medicine at home. I found some but it's for cough. And currently I only have cold and flu and I don't want to take medicine that it's not for cold as my body has this stupid habit of getting sick when I took a medicine especifically for that certain illness. I took once a medicine for cough eventhough I only have fever and later on got cough for some reason. Also there was a time am having pms that I don't have mefenamic acid I took the medicine for lbm the next thing I know I really got lbm. Then there was time as well that I can't sleep and someone from the clinic gave me a medicine for anti histamine that will make me drowsy and help me sleep but when I took it, later on my allergies came out I became itchy I can't sleep for the whole night. So now am becoming a bit cautious of the medicine that am taking. Whew, what a hassle.

My body really feels heavy and my fever is not going down. But I don't have a choice but to do my laundry (I regret for being lazy last week and skipped doing laundry). I only did one batch coz I'm feeling dizzy. Cooked some pasta for lunch coz am already starving to death. 

I almost regret also volunteering to go to the office tomorrow but I think I need to anyway to get some medicine in the clinic. I need to take something as my cold and fever is getting worse. Times like this, I can't be lazy coz nobody will take care of me except for myself. It sucks to be alone.

Right now, my nose is so stuffed it makes me hard to breath. I need yo sleep early coz I woke up very early this morning (I first woke up around 4am coz I heard my flatmates were chatting or cooking outside then I woke second time around 7:30am - the usual time I wake up every morning).

Hope my condition will be okay tomorrow so I can finish work early then I can pass by quickly in the supermarket to grab something to eat. I don't have enough supplies in the house now. Living alone really sucks!!!

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