Wednesday, August 07, 2013

hair prob

I seriously wanted to scream.

You see, I had this wonderful idea of dyeing my hair on my own. I've never done that before but since I thought it would be too simple to do, I tried my luck.

After long hours of washing, coloring, washing and drying, I was too excited to look in the mirror for the result. To my grimace, it's not that well even. There's still some brown left on my hair. But the roots and ends were perfectly colored, how come the body of my hair were not? Waaaaa...

I'm not sure what to do, am thinking to buy a new set of color to color my hair again but looking back of the hassle I went through, maybe I'll just bear having two tones for now and go to some decent salon when I have time.

And I was too excited and happy to have a super jet black hair. My hair was not naturally super black. It's black but not that black. So the thought of having one will be good since a lot of people were colouring their hair in either brown or something a bit different from their original hair color. But it turned out like this. Soooo sad.

Anyway, what's done is done. Now I've learned my lesson not to color my own hair.

Btw, it's confirmed. They saw the moon already. So it's a long weekend, yipeee!!!

Happy eid mubarak everyone! :D

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