Friday, July 27, 2012

home alone

Just got home late from my rendezvouz only to find out that my roommate already left and moved to another flat. o_O

Not that I'm minding it, just my concern was that no advice was given. Even a small note nor a text message. Geez, we've been together for one year and 4 months. 

Anyway, now am alone with the other half of the room is empty, some shelves are empty and half of the counter of toilet sink is empty. 

Feels weird but I know I will be able to adjust immediately coz now am entitled to single room. Yay!

Btw, had a nice evening and day from yesterday and today. It was extreme and fun at the same time. Never thought I will be able to do it. And am so happy for the pork marathon. It's heaven! ^___^

Now I feel so tired from all that exercise I need to sleep now. That is if I will be able to sleep early.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

georgia trip part 1

I'm back! Been freakingly busy after my short vacation and my good news that I don't have time to blog anything.

Anyway, atlast am done sorting out the 11gig pictures we've taken on our four day trip in Georgia. So this will be the first part of an ass long picture post that soon you will get fed up of my face  o_O

first picture - arrival shot from tbilisi airport before we go and apply for visa. am the purple lady - even heard the flight attendant talking about me having matching purple blouse, neck pillow and luggage

I forgot the name of this lake as the names in Georgia were quite complicated -_-

overlooking the foggy tbilisi at it's only 6:30am

group shot!!! and it means Niko was the one who's taking the picture

the smell from this plant was so fresh and green especially in the morning

we were laughing coz Blesie blows the flower in a funny way

Niko took us to his parents house and we had our breakfast there. Geez, they are so nice to prepare so many good food I couldn't eat much wtf

it is cloudy and raining, wtf

I saw a big dog and I run for it to have a picture ^_^

but Maricar photobomb my pic o_O

camwhore on the side of the church... bad!

lunch!!! dunno why the chairs are this size. for us it's fine, but for big Georgians, dunno how could they comfortably eat sitting on it

and our first day ends in a dinner with Niko's wife and friends

Second day is Signagi trip...

saw some Russian tourists that asks for our pictures

Niko bought us churchkhela, local sweet that I like though it looks like a shit and a guy's ___ -__-

this is my second ice cream as it's freakin' hot

this is how you drink in Georgia

 we were on the very top and we can see the whole place

 grapes grapes grapes!

ends our second day wandering off the streets 

I'll make a separate post for our day 3 and 4.