Friday, July 27, 2012

home alone

Just got home late from my rendezvouz only to find out that my roommate already left and moved to another flat. o_O

Not that I'm minding it, just my concern was that no advice was given. Even a small note nor a text message. Geez, we've been together for one year and 4 months. 

Anyway, now am alone with the other half of the room is empty, some shelves are empty and half of the counter of toilet sink is empty. 

Feels weird but I know I will be able to adjust immediately coz now am entitled to single room. Yay!

Btw, had a nice evening and day from yesterday and today. It was extreme and fun at the same time. Never thought I will be able to do it. And am so happy for the pork marathon. It's heaven! ^___^

Now I feel so tired from all that exercise I need to sleep now. That is if I will be able to sleep early.

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