Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ramadan tent fever

At the eve of Eid Mubarak, we celebrated it by a dinner at the ramadan tent for the whole finance group. Nice buffet food (I love their desserts - especially the hot pudding, oh so delicious) with lots of varieties of arabic foods and indian sweets.

Funny thing was that our big boss requested for us girls to get scattered as he doesn't want same nationalities to sit together in the same table. Yeah right...

getting started with the food...

starter... not really appetizing in the pic but it's nice. the chicken biryani was good, as well as the cheese puffs

Wasn't able to take pictures for the main dish and desserts as I was too busy eating I forgot to snap pictures.

me and my super boss

there was a fountain here but Richard covered it with his big body

these georgian men keeps on making fun at us because we love pictures...

Suddenly felt lazy uploading more pictures so I'll just stop here. All I can say is that this is very nice way to celebrate with my fellow muslim colleagues.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

getting old

Earlier today, on our way back to the office after lunchbreak, we heard the news in the radio about the oldest person in the world living with the age of 115. Then I told Richard that I don't think I will be able to live that long, maybe around 80+ only. I don't have vices (though I don't eat vegetables), but I think 100+ was too much. It's not that I don't want to live longer, I'm just being realistic. With all the preservatives and other chemicals included the foods that we're eating, I doubt...

Anyway, back to our conversation. I don't know what else are we talking about but we just got to the point where I told him if ever I will get married, I want to die first and let my husband suffer and mourn for my lost (am bad I know). He almost burst out laughing (dunno why). So he told if ever he will marry me, he'll kill me the next day. Haha! Like I'm willing to marry him, duh! I don't want to die after I recently got married, I want to enjoy my married life, for Godsake! 

Then he asked me why. Well... I said don't want to be left alone, period. What I mean is, when me and my husband reached to the point that we're both wrinkled and old, I'm very much willing to go ahead and expired. I dunno, maybe I'm just too coward to face the loneliness alone. I'm too much drama right now so I no longer want drama when I get old. I want to die first so I will find a husband who's younger than me so I will die first than him. After that, I just realized what I've said. Wtf! Did I just said, I want someone who's younger than me? I mean, all this time, eversince I was a kid, my preference for my future husband was always older than me. So even I was shocked in what I've said. Richard said I'm just being pedophile. Haha! Sometimes his comments were insane I want to smash his head in the tire of the car. LOL.

Just realized that your outlook, preferences and visions in life changes as you grew older. Reasons vary, but you will never notice it because it's gradual. Maybe due to different influences, nothing's for sure.

Suddenly, felt like I'm getting old...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

decorate your cake class!

This is my last summer class that I enrolled and I trully enjoyed it. Never thought that decorating a cake was such a fun thing to do. It was held in the pastry kitchen and was given tools and equipments needed (most of it are disposable). No time to snap pictures before we start coz the chef was against the idea ( he said about the food safety - meaning germs germs germs germs in the cam).

First we were given all the ingredients needed - 2 sponge cake, cream (white), another cream (yellow - dunno what it is), strawberry syrup, fresh strawberries, cake brush, spatula, cake ring, icing plastic, knife and chopping board.

We first put the 1 sponge cake inside the cake ring then lined it with plastic ring (so later the cake will not stick to the ring but into the plastic), brushed with strawberry syrup. Then we put the white cream all inside the icing plastic then squeezed it to the side of the sponge cake (there's a space between the sponge cake and the ring). After that, we put the yellow cream. Then cut the whole strawberries into 4 then was placed in the cake. Was advised by the chef not to overstuffed our cake with strawberries otherwise it will affect the overall taste of the cake. Then we put some white cream again then the 2 sponge cake, brushed with strawberry syrup again then another layer of white cream. We were asked to put our initials on top coz they're going to put all the cakes altogether in the chiller.

While waiting, we were given this red clay thing (forgot to asked if it's edible or not). He showed us how to make a flower. Then he gave us the green clay thing for us to make leaves for the flower. Of course his was beautiful, he's a patisserie after all! And he put it in front of me, dammit!

After 5 long minutes, our cake was back in our hand, cold and molded. Then we were given this smooth cake coat (dunno what it's called but it's like a layer that will cover the cake) that we put covering the whole cake, cutting the excess in the edges. Then at last, we put our flowers on top. Then he said, "thanks guys for coming to my class...". And we said, "that's it? we're done?"

So boxes were distributed so we can bring our cakes anywhere we want. As usual, too busy for last minute picture snapping, I got run out of boxes so I have to wait for a few minutes.

we're done here with our cake, I asked Jea to take a pic of my cake in her iphone because I don't have any cam

my cake with a butterfly/bee on the side... this comes with fresh strawberries inside, not a fan of strawberries but what to do? I asked the chef if there's any other flavor but he said that's the only one. duh!

us at the staff entrance waiting for the bus going to icrs with our finish products on our laps...

Ajith was the one who took our pictures here and he just snaps the cam so quickly that pics turned out blurred. seems like he hates camera... tsk!

our cake after we went home... not pretty anymore...

poor flower... 

Blessie was making fun of her own flower. our last pic with our cake before I harrassed Blessie to put also my cake in their fridge ( I lived in the next flat, this is her flat)

Who thought that baking was really fun? And making and decorating the cake was really easy (if you have someone to guide you what to do and all the ingredients are prepared).

Unfortunately, I don't have the pic of our chef instructor. As per our manager, Antoine (french patisserie chef) was very popular to girls. Well, not so sure about that because he looks kinda ordinary french guy (but couldn't help noticing the other girls giggling and getting his attentions all the time while teaching us - geez). Anyway, will give him a couple of claps for letting us take our cakes with us. Though not so sure if the flower and leaves are edible.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Yes, am whining. I'm whining about what's going to happen. Yes, restructuring our department will really affects me a lot. First of all, I will have a new supervisor. Second, I will handle new accounts and some of my old accounts will be transferred to Erlyn or Ajith. Third, I need to move to another table. Dammit, just when I settled already in place, things will turn out like this.

During the meeting, I felt like I'm a white paper sheet with a black dot in the middle. No matter how many praises they gave me, those 'bad traits' that they were telling me that I have, left a really deep mark on me. Like the white paper sheet with a black dot. No matter how white it is, you cannot disregard the black dot in it, no matter how small it is. Nothing's going to change because it's already there. Damn, not sure what to react. And they even have the nerve to ask me what is my reaction over this restructuring thing. Like they expect me to say, "yeah, am so excited over it"... wtf!

Nabil said that they were working on promoting us if we continue to perform excellently after our one year in the company. Yeah right, like that was easy. Like someone will really believe that. I mean, why would the hell they do that? It's like wasting money on bunch of people. See, they're going to promote more than 10 people at the same time? Freaky... Come on la la land...

I just needed one thing, confirmation which accounts am going to handle because I don't want this new 'supervisor' to pass so many work to me. I swear, if she did that, I will resign. Bow!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

reminiscing korea experience 2008

I used to post so many pictures at before facebook became a big hit. And I uploaded a lot of my korea pics in friendster, then when they restructured the site, all the old files was gone - and that includes the pictures and everything you uploaded in your site.

Fortunately, I was able to salvage some pics (I lost the disc where I saved all the pics we had in Korea) but mostly those shots when we we're in Nami Island and during our last day of stay. And since I just saved these images from some site, all looks blurred...

taken outside lotte world... and it's freakin' windy that time!

on our way to nami island...

our first pic upon arrival at Nami Island

I actually don't know what's the meaning of this sign...

the lake that looks creepy... dunno why...

it's so cold that we have to drink hot chocolate to feel a lil bit of warmth...

two large 'soon to be butterflies'...

this was taken near the entrance port of the island... Annie said I look crazy here...

taken at the streets of seoul...

lunch time!

our last breakfast together with the other backpackers... should I tell you that we are the only girls in this inn?

me and annie in her wacky pose! stolen from the photo album of the guesthouse... our last shot before we head to the airport...

Overall, we had a really good stay. We didn't stayed in a hotel because we are saving our money so we can roam around. I found this cool guesthouse that was cheap with nice amenities... The nice owner is Mr. Lee and his guesthouse was named after him and his wife... so sweet! check out their site ==> lee&no

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

golf day!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but for some reason we lost our internet connection so I'll just post the pics today.


me with Simon, Mary & Erlyn

me with my perfect shot pose!

they provided club for left handed! how cool was that? last time that I went here, I used the regular club (for right handed) and I'm really having difficulty using it (coz am left handed)

me with the superstar group!

with Simon (head golf manager)

 the pesty black lady who's the culprit why I only had few pics because she keeps on asking me to take pictures of her. Do I look like a photographer?

 the perfect shot of a pro

Erlyn's pose without the ball

Dani was just striking a pose for a pic coz he wants to change his profile pic in fb with this

another group pic with Simon this time

beep beep! I did parked it correctly!

We had fun because our instructor was very nice and have a really long patience teaching us the do's and don'ts. Can't wait to play again...

So if you happen to visit Dubai and wants to play golf, I recommend for you to try Al Badia Golf Club. Aside from playing golf, you can relax and enjoy the food and spa that they are offering. As they say, they're offering 'more than just a golf'... ^_^

Friday, August 19, 2011

iftar night

Iftar night for all the staffs!

dessert dessert! no pictures for the main dishes as I didn't bring my cam so all pictures was taken from the mobile of Blessie.

This is actually taken before we left the hotel. My hand was feeling numb so I was rubbing it and that's the reason why I look stupid in this picture.

 Taken at the model tent in the lobby of the hotel (actually, this is just a display so we quickly took a snap and see the result - blurred picture! teehee)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cost control - production crash course

I'm done with my cost control - production crash course today. Well it's like a refresher course for me. Since i'm not doing any cost control job eversince I started working, this crash course reminds me of what we used to discuss in the university before. Only this time, this was based on the actual procedure and policy of the company.

I find it quite interesting, will give couple of claps to Nikolauz who did a good job in explaining the details about cost control.

Though am not sure if I will be able to attend the crash course for cost cotrol - f&b service next week. Looks interesting but I have to look at my schedule because like what happened today, I didn't finished any work because of that. Call me lazy but after the class, I'm not in the mood to work. Yet I stayed till 7:20pm. Damn!

My next class on sunday is basic golf. And am so excited to play golf again. Yey!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When this moments became a routine, these will no longer be amazing but rather than boring stuffs that you have to do because you have to.

Life.... Enjoy while you can....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

this is an insult!

Capital OMG! I saw Xiaxue's blog and I almost had a heart attack when I watched this certain video of this 'Xiaxue hater' pretending to be a Filipino who's madly inlove with her and talking all nonsense offensive word towards her. And I cannot tolerate this disrepectful guy.

First, he is definitely NOT a Filipino. Why? Because his accents says so. And this is insulting for a Filipino like me being it's like a way of making fun of our nationality, pretending to be one of us by making fool of themselves in a video just to insult someone. Second, he's being disrespectful to all women. He is definitely not man enough. Didn't he thought of his mother or sisters whe he made that video? He's insulting not only Xiaxue but also other women of different nationality by describing them in a sexual manner. Wtf, this is a violation against the human rights of women. Third, he even have the nerve to refer a blonde hair to his grand granduncles pubic hair?!?!? This is freakin' disgusting. How can he even talk about this in public? How come he knows about the pubic hair of other people? Is he a maniac or what?

This is insane and not funny. Insulting and very offensive. One thing I can say to this guy, grow up!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I don't know either why there's a moment that you suddenly felt this hollow feeling. You're sad and you feel like no one will be able to help you. And worst part was that you don't know why you're feeling this way.

And I was feeling ok a moment ago. In fact, I was laughing my ass of. Then suddenly after I went home and started watching music videos and chatting with my friends, I felt so weird and frustrated that I don't want to talk to anyone. Even with HIM.

Maybe I'm being weird again, which is not a surprise for a moody person like me.

I think I need to sleep now. I'm writing nonsense things and needs to rest so my mind will refresh again. Just like a computer who hangs and doesn't want to do your commands.

Friday, August 05, 2011

butterflies in my stomach

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach... omg!

I can't believe that I can still feel it at this age of mine. It's like even simple words that he's saying brings out those little butterflies into my stomach. Really weird.

Am I inlove or what?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

falling inlove

definitely true...

and lastly, my favorite...

Just reading these quotes (especially the last one) makes me giddy and emotional. For a very special reason.