Friday, August 26, 2011


Yes, am whining. I'm whining about what's going to happen. Yes, restructuring our department will really affects me a lot. First of all, I will have a new supervisor. Second, I will handle new accounts and some of my old accounts will be transferred to Erlyn or Ajith. Third, I need to move to another table. Dammit, just when I settled already in place, things will turn out like this.

During the meeting, I felt like I'm a white paper sheet with a black dot in the middle. No matter how many praises they gave me, those 'bad traits' that they were telling me that I have, left a really deep mark on me. Like the white paper sheet with a black dot. No matter how white it is, you cannot disregard the black dot in it, no matter how small it is. Nothing's going to change because it's already there. Damn, not sure what to react. And they even have the nerve to ask me what is my reaction over this restructuring thing. Like they expect me to say, "yeah, am so excited over it"... wtf!

Nabil said that they were working on promoting us if we continue to perform excellently after our one year in the company. Yeah right, like that was easy. Like someone will really believe that. I mean, why would the hell they do that? It's like wasting money on bunch of people. See, they're going to promote more than 10 people at the same time? Freaky... Come on la la land...

I just needed one thing, confirmation which accounts am going to handle because I don't want this new 'supervisor' to pass so many work to me. I swear, if she did that, I will resign. Bow!

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