Saturday, August 27, 2011

decorate your cake class!

This is my last summer class that I enrolled and I trully enjoyed it. Never thought that decorating a cake was such a fun thing to do. It was held in the pastry kitchen and was given tools and equipments needed (most of it are disposable). No time to snap pictures before we start coz the chef was against the idea ( he said about the food safety - meaning germs germs germs germs in the cam).

First we were given all the ingredients needed - 2 sponge cake, cream (white), another cream (yellow - dunno what it is), strawberry syrup, fresh strawberries, cake brush, spatula, cake ring, icing plastic, knife and chopping board.

We first put the 1 sponge cake inside the cake ring then lined it with plastic ring (so later the cake will not stick to the ring but into the plastic), brushed with strawberry syrup. Then we put the white cream all inside the icing plastic then squeezed it to the side of the sponge cake (there's a space between the sponge cake and the ring). After that, we put the yellow cream. Then cut the whole strawberries into 4 then was placed in the cake. Was advised by the chef not to overstuffed our cake with strawberries otherwise it will affect the overall taste of the cake. Then we put some white cream again then the 2 sponge cake, brushed with strawberry syrup again then another layer of white cream. We were asked to put our initials on top coz they're going to put all the cakes altogether in the chiller.

While waiting, we were given this red clay thing (forgot to asked if it's edible or not). He showed us how to make a flower. Then he gave us the green clay thing for us to make leaves for the flower. Of course his was beautiful, he's a patisserie after all! And he put it in front of me, dammit!

After 5 long minutes, our cake was back in our hand, cold and molded. Then we were given this smooth cake coat (dunno what it's called but it's like a layer that will cover the cake) that we put covering the whole cake, cutting the excess in the edges. Then at last, we put our flowers on top. Then he said, "thanks guys for coming to my class...". And we said, "that's it? we're done?"

So boxes were distributed so we can bring our cakes anywhere we want. As usual, too busy for last minute picture snapping, I got run out of boxes so I have to wait for a few minutes.

we're done here with our cake, I asked Jea to take a pic of my cake in her iphone because I don't have any cam

my cake with a butterfly/bee on the side... this comes with fresh strawberries inside, not a fan of strawberries but what to do? I asked the chef if there's any other flavor but he said that's the only one. duh!

us at the staff entrance waiting for the bus going to icrs with our finish products on our laps...

Ajith was the one who took our pictures here and he just snaps the cam so quickly that pics turned out blurred. seems like he hates camera... tsk!

our cake after we went home... not pretty anymore...

poor flower... 

Blessie was making fun of her own flower. our last pic with our cake before I harrassed Blessie to put also my cake in their fridge ( I lived in the next flat, this is her flat)

Who thought that baking was really fun? And making and decorating the cake was really easy (if you have someone to guide you what to do and all the ingredients are prepared).

Unfortunately, I don't have the pic of our chef instructor. As per our manager, Antoine (french patisserie chef) was very popular to girls. Well, not so sure about that because he looks kinda ordinary french guy (but couldn't help noticing the other girls giggling and getting his attentions all the time while teaching us - geez). Anyway, will give him a couple of claps for letting us take our cakes with us. Though not so sure if the flower and leaves are edible.

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