Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cost control - production crash course

I'm done with my cost control - production crash course today. Well it's like a refresher course for me. Since i'm not doing any cost control job eversince I started working, this crash course reminds me of what we used to discuss in the university before. Only this time, this was based on the actual procedure and policy of the company.

I find it quite interesting, will give couple of claps to Nikolauz who did a good job in explaining the details about cost control.

Though am not sure if I will be able to attend the crash course for cost cotrol - f&b service next week. Looks interesting but I have to look at my schedule because like what happened today, I didn't finished any work because of that. Call me lazy but after the class, I'm not in the mood to work. Yet I stayed till 7:20pm. Damn!

My next class on sunday is basic golf. And am so excited to play golf again. Yey!

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