Saturday, August 13, 2011

this is an insult!

Capital OMG! I saw Xiaxue's blog and I almost had a heart attack when I watched this certain video of this 'Xiaxue hater' pretending to be a Filipino who's madly inlove with her and talking all nonsense offensive word towards her. And I cannot tolerate this disrepectful guy.

First, he is definitely NOT a Filipino. Why? Because his accents says so. And this is insulting for a Filipino like me being it's like a way of making fun of our nationality, pretending to be one of us by making fool of themselves in a video just to insult someone. Second, he's being disrespectful to all women. He is definitely not man enough. Didn't he thought of his mother or sisters whe he made that video? He's insulting not only Xiaxue but also other women of different nationality by describing them in a sexual manner. Wtf, this is a violation against the human rights of women. Third, he even have the nerve to refer a blonde hair to his grand granduncles pubic hair?!?!? This is freakin' disgusting. How can he even talk about this in public? How come he knows about the pubic hair of other people? Is he a maniac or what?

This is insane and not funny. Insulting and very offensive. One thing I can say to this guy, grow up!!!

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