Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ramadan tent fever

At the eve of Eid Mubarak, we celebrated it by a dinner at the ramadan tent for the whole finance group. Nice buffet food (I love their desserts - especially the hot pudding, oh so delicious) with lots of varieties of arabic foods and indian sweets.

Funny thing was that our big boss requested for us girls to get scattered as he doesn't want same nationalities to sit together in the same table. Yeah right...

getting started with the food...

starter... not really appetizing in the pic but it's nice. the chicken biryani was good, as well as the cheese puffs

Wasn't able to take pictures for the main dish and desserts as I was too busy eating I forgot to snap pictures.

me and my super boss

there was a fountain here but Richard covered it with his big body

these georgian men keeps on making fun at us because we love pictures...

Suddenly felt lazy uploading more pictures so I'll just stop here. All I can say is that this is very nice way to celebrate with my fellow muslim colleagues.

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