Saturday, September 10, 2011

bad days

The last few days were never been good to me. I never experience for such a long time to have bad days consecutively.

First, our internet connection in our flat was cut. Yes, my super nice flatmate who applied for the connection decided without asking us to cut the connection coz according to her, she doesn't stays in the flat anymore. How nice isn't it? And not even bothering to advise us in advance! We just found out when we cannot access the internet. Geez... So much for having nice flatmates...

Second, my new supervisor showed up and turns out to be arghhh... Do you have this feeling towards someone that you can't seem to like her even in your first meeting? Well, I had that same feeling to her. She had this attitude that really ticks me off. Anyway, I'm trying to get along with her but something's not right. Dunno why.

Worst part that I've learned was that she used to be like us in her previous company, so her new job now was like a promotion. And that was the part that I can't accept. I don't have any problem if the newcomer used to be a supervisor, but if she's not, that's a big insult. And I'm still bitter up to now to what I've heard.

Third, I no longer have money. Coz my sister made a fool of herself and now I'm the one who's suffering. And I really want to kick her ass because of that.

Fourth, my mom told me to save money. Yeah right. Like that was easy to do. Hello! If my salary is only for me, I can do it. But hell no.

Fifth, my boss was being an ass for a week. Can't he stop pestering me and give me some space? 

Sixth, the blouse that I borrowed from Jea when we watched 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' stained my other uniform blouses. Partly my fault because I normally don't separate colored from whites because none of them can stain one another. But I totally forgot hers and boom! When I took them out from the washer, it was like that. And I really want to scream in the laundry room.

Lastly, I've been called 'fat' for several occassions this past few days. I know I'm fat but you don't have to tell it to my face like it's a funny thing. It's so depressing. Honestly, I really want to punch their faces or just stab their backs with fork for saying that in my face with big smiles like they just said 'happy birthday'. Arghhh...

Dunno when will I be able to blog again coz the internet room is located in the next building. Haayz...

Need to go. Maybe my clothes are already dry and someone 'nice' might use the dryers and take out my clothes and just put it on top of the dryers exposing my undies and everything.

Btw, will attend the PICPA general assembly this afternoon. Need to go back to my room to prepare.

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