Wednesday, September 21, 2011

e-books marathon

Eversince our internet connetion was cut (we still don't have until now), I was hooked in e-books. They were even wondering what am I doing, staying up late without any internet connection. Well, well... Told them am doing e-books marathon!

Done with the twilight saga plus the first draft of midnight sun (Edward's version of Twilight - very very cool, reading the side of Twilight in Edward's view... weeeeee!), now am reading Harry Potter series. Currently, am in the fourth book now. And am getting addicted again to it.

I already read them before, everytime the new book was published. But since I read them ages ago, I forgot most of the details and what I remembered are the scenes from the movie - which have many differences from the book.

It's just that it makes me sad everytime I read of Fred & George knowing that in the final book, Fred will die. I love the twins, really. I cried so hard in the cinema when the scene was shown when they told Harry that Fred died. Waaaaa....

Anyway, think I'm going back to my room. Am hungry and my back was aching. Think am getting old. Tsk!

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