Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i need internet connection

It's been days since I surf the net. Unfortunately, we still don't have internet connection in our room. How poor can we be? Now I'm here in the internet room in the next building, sitting in a bean bag in the corner surrounded by guys who do nothing but to sniff and sneeze while browsing the net. Yeah great...

And to my grimace, my earphones stopped working all of sudden so I can't help not to hear the uver fast talking of this guy in my front (not sure what his nationality). Yup, he's angry and tensed and excited over something.

I suddenly realized that surfing the net was really part of my life. Now I'm feeling incomplete. I can't upload pictures, can't update my blogs, can't check my emails, can't chat with my friends and most of all, I can't play fb games anymore. So sad...

Well, my roommate and I already discussed about applying for a connection. I'm just waiting for her confirmation because it will be a bit costly coz only the two of us will share. Anyway, better than not having at all.

One more thing why I'm waiting for her is because I don't want to apply under my name. Have tons of reasons and I don't want to elaborate it.

I really want to buy a new phone. But the thing is, I don't have enough money yet. And it's so frustrating and depressing.




Went to PICPA GA last saturday. And I really made myself look foolish. Who would've thought that Blessie is like that? She didn't even tell me in advance (well, can't remember anything that she told me that). So when we're in the registration booth, I keep asking her to register in my line for associates (yes, I'm not and I don't have the interest to study again) coz she was registering on the other side. She just brushed me and continued in what she was doing. I even asked the in-charge (so stupid of me) if non can sign there. She said no so I called Blessie again. Again, she just shrug me off. And then, reality hits me.

Feeling betrayed and unmotivated when you're surrounded by pro's, felt stupid for not reviewing at all. Well, I just told myself that it's not really my cup of tea. Anyway, the buffet food was nice and good that I'm so stuffed, felt like my blouse is going to pop.

Honestly, I've got lots of things to write but these guys were really bugging me. I can't concentrate.

In short, nothing relevant is in my blog. Just whining as usual.

I need internet connection in my room! Waaaaaa.....

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