Friday, September 30, 2011

nothing to do

After eating my breakfast, I have nothing to do so I started browsing some sites, checking my mails, playing sims and checked my blog. Then I remembered my old blog site under xanga. I started blogging on 2005 then lose my interest in blogging and stopped by mid of 2009. Reading it now was nostalgic. I mean, I almost forgot my life back in 2005 (think am getting old) and reading my blogs reminds me of how I used to be. And what's amusing was that my blogs were so funny. Normally they are short but really summarizes my feelings and happenings for that day. And it seems that I'm really enjoying my life back then.

I was laughing so hard to read this old post of mine when a guy sent me text messages for me to stop talking to my friend which happens to be his girlfriend. He told me to stay away from her, don't call her or text her. All along, he thought I was a guy. Being a little naughty me, I replied to him saying it's not my fault that she likes talking to me and so on and so forth... He was sooo mad, while I was laughing all along. It's a word battle for us. I don't know it ended up but till the end, he didn't knew that he was talking to a girl all along. Serves him right!

Can't help not to notice that I'm always late before in work. No wonder I got suspended once. Yikes!


I can hear my phone's ringing, but am way too lazy to get up and answer it. Will just check it later to see who's calling.

Later will go at Sylvestre's flat for a mini party. Just too lazy to move for now but they were already there.

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