Sunday, October 02, 2011

last weekend

I always wish for weekends, I actually kinda hate weekdays coz I need to work. But hey, that's life. No work, no money. No money, you're dead...

Hmmm... What I did last weekend? Well, Friday we had a mini party held at Silvester's house. Just videoke and lotsa lotsa food. There are some party crashers but didn't stayed that long (guess they kinda felt that they were gate crashing someone else party).

Oh so love the pork... Barbeque pork... You don't know how hard it is to have barbeque here in Dubai coz it's kinda illegal to grill pork in the flats. We just sneek this inside the flat, all of us wishing the fire alarm will suddenly got disabled and won't alert every living things in the whole building coz of the smoke.

Saturday... Went to La Mesa for a buffet dinner and I haven't been that full for a long time.

I started with maki... Good but am looking forward for pork dishes so I only took 3 pieces...

Romeo just put everything in his plate...

My fave... Sisig, lechon kawali and oh so crispy pata!

 Another favorite... Kare Kare (it's so good, though it doesn't look good in the picture)

Dessert... dessert! I like the brownie fudge... It's so moist! Got another serving (think another 6 pieces)

Love it! I dunno what do they call this cake, but the crunchy tops was my fave.

sweet melons... but I like the orange ones coz the green ones are not that sweet...

I didn't post the other pictures coz pic quality is no good. I forgot to adjust the cam so all pic are kinda blurred (sometimes I hate myself when I do things like this).


Saw this at Metro and got amazed by this globe:

it's a globe with coins of each country...

Of course, I search for Philippines and took a photo of my beloved coins:
found 5 pesos, 1 peso and 10 centavos :)

this is cute!

Though I got home late, am so happy to have a full stomach... What a nice weekend!

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