Saturday, October 22, 2011

freaky weekend

What happened in my two days off? Well...

- went to office for few hours to do some freaking recon that keeps on multiplying on my table
- went to Al Ghurair Mall to watch "No Other Woman"
- passed by at Carrefour to buy some stuff to fill my lonely box that am planning to send next month

- received a call from my sister telling me a very very bad news that our cat Luckee died this morning (and I even bought some goodies for him last month to surprise him!)
- went to Al Badia concert park for the "Sports Day"
- had to eat my lunch in the middle of the park under the blazing heat of the sun (thoughI did enjoyed my baked potato and vegetable spring rolls)
- had fun watching the DFC HOD lose the football match with the score of 1-2 against Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi
- made a complete fool of myself while trying to hold the big umbrella coz the wind was so strong and I even thought in one moment that I will be flying off in the ground along with it (and freakin' Ivan just stood in front of me laughing like maniac and taking pictures of me while am freaking out so badly coz I cannot hold the umbrella anymore)
- forgot that I DID bring my camera and just went on watching. The time I remembered it, all the good moments are gone
- passed to Hyperpanda to buy another batch of stuffs to be put in my box
- heard that we're going to have a new flatmate (and it's freakin' Indonesian again - no probs with them but my point is we were supposed to live in the flat with same nationalities. I'll definitely going to complain for this, need to send an email to the Housing or HR team for us to be transferred to a new flat)
- had dinner in Renz place and so full with so ohh-so-good dinner


I'm too lazy to get my cam and upload some pics... Just sharing one pic that I saw from Ivan's fb. I'll just update this blog tomorrow as it's already 11:40pm and I still need to wake up 6:20am tomorrow for the 7am bus.

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