Sunday, October 30, 2011

ways to celebrate

Had so much fun last night. It was my post birthday bash and pre halloween party as well. It's a small party held at Renz place (who's very very nice to lend his flat for me to have a party). After two days of food preparation, it certainly paid off. Cooking and food prep courtesy of Renz, Erlyn and Blesie.

was very surprised to see that Renz did actually made an effort to put this on the wall

guess what's in the fridge... ^_^

first pic - group picture!!!

honestly, I don't have any idea why we're all crammed in the kitchen area

sitting with the girls, the other girls were on the table with the boys

been laughing my ass off when I saw this pic - Blesie eating a strawberry with fake blood traces in sides of her mouth. expression is priceless!

Niko being Niko...

look how the lovebirds manage to squeezed themselves in the pic

as usual, Blesie had her eyes closed

Rafiq looks freaky staring at Julio

 santa Niko!
with santa niko less mustache

santa now gives smirnoff as gift... bad santa!


this is a nice pic that I can't help not to post

Zouhier imitating scream

our pic on our way to zinc bar...

Had a blast that night. Though we look stupid, we had so much fun. And Niko was so generous paying for all the drinks we had, well technically mostly mine. haha..

 Alfiya was such a sweetie, she did gave me a card!

gift from Alfiya and Rafiq... below pic of gifts unwrapped

 from Alfiya

from Rafiq 

Levan and Niko gave me New York cheesecake and Raspberry cheesecake while Lisi bought the white wine (which I insist on paying it) and brought some booz...

So far, this is the best birthday I ever had in Dubai.

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girl_thinking said...

Hi Samee! Happy birthday dear! It's nice to see you had fun on your Birthday/Halloween party =)