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scent - sation

Floral family
You're sensitive, warm and cheerful.

You like tenderness in life: flower bouquets and weekends for two.
Your elegance comes naturally and your close relations appreciate your femininity and artistic talent.
You're sincere and generous, and cultivate the pursuit of happiness and radiate joie de vivre.
Your perfume expresses the femininity that makes you so unique. Your wear it elegantly and naturally.

Floral perfumes are the ones for you, whether fruity, woody or musky or even green. Their auras follow you and embellish your beauty and personality.


Saw this website last night about perfumes. It's all about perfumes, anything you want to know it's all there. They even had quizzes and I answered one and had the result as stated above. Result suits me fine, as I like floral perfumes but I prefer the fresh scents as much as possible. Not very fond of warm scents.

Honestly, whenever I passed by to a perfume boutique or perfume section of department stores and I smelled some of the perfumes that I've used, can't help not to feel nostalgic about it and remisnice a little bit.

Everyone in my sophomore class in highschool uses this. If you're not using it, you're definitely out.

how can I forget this perfume that I've used during my whole senior year in highschool? 

First read about this perfume in an article in Candy magazine during my college days; had to squeeze in my budget just to get one.

the "accidental" perfume that I bought in 2006, I wasn't suppose to buy it but I got convinced by the salesperson and ended up buying it (he gave me a free limited edition small collectibles of Morgan de Toi perfumes and a cute white handbag)

the perfume that I did everything just to have it, even the expense of asking one of my colleague who's going on a business travel to Doha to buy one for me coz it's less expensive there to buy.

I bought as a birthday gift to myself that comes in a gift pack with matching body lotion and shower gel that costs 1/3 of my salary back then that became my all time favorite, still using till now

I consider this as one of the Lacoste 'classic' perfume; had one but stopped using it when I noticed that almost most of my lady colleagues are using the same perfume.

bought this coz it reminds me of Jessica Alba in her movie "into the blue".. hehe..

The edt that I bought coz I'm going on a trip to Doha, later given to my sister as my last present to her before her departure to Vancouver.

the reason I almost lose the last airport bus at Doha airport in 2007. Can I also add that I'm the last person to checked in because I'm too busy at duty free searching and choosing the right perfume for me?

bought this at Seoul duty free as my birthday gift to myself in 2008

Meow's christmas gift to me last 2010. 

the edt that I cannot use continously coz I feel dizzy having it in my body.

Here's some "perfume" quotes to ponder:

“A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”
― Coco Chanel 

 “A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”
― Christian Dior

 "Happiness is like perfume: You can't give it away without getting a little on yourself." 
― Anon

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