Saturday, October 15, 2011


Went yesterday to International City to surprise Anna by cooking (it's Jackie who cooked, not me) some food since it's her birthday today. It's like an advance celebration. So I bought a cheesecake at Marks&Spencer, since I dunno where to buy a decent cake here. Then we went to Spineys to buy some stuff for our spaghetti, bread and ice cream. We even bought a candle for the cake!

So after three hours of waiting and calling Anna (found out that she went shopping with some youngsters), I told Jacky that I'm gonna eat coz am starving to death. Other people also came, looking for Anna since we invited them for her party. It's so freaky to prepare, eat and invite people when the celebrant was not there. Geez...

Anyway, when Anna called me, she told me that she will be home late (inspite of us begging her to come home early) and already had dinner at the mall. Yeah right, so much for surprises.

In the end, we all went home without seeing her. And didn't even had a bite in the cheesecake!

picture stolen from Myke's facebook

What a bummer!


Around four days ago, my leave application was returned back to me by Prishy as Vincent didn't sign it due to some miscalculation in the leave balances. I was like, 'wtf?!?!'... Then suddenly, I got an idea. So what I did, I spoke with Nabil and asked him if I could extend my vacation, instead of two weeks, it will be three weeks (05-23Feb12). After two long hours of argument, my leave application came back, signed and approved. Bwahaha... Hope to get a flight on the night of 02Feb coz 3-4Feb is my off days so if ever I will get a flight on the night of 2, there will be no problem at all.

Am so excited, after more than two years, Philippines here I come on February 2012!!! ^_^

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