Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE: countdown to 2012

One more day to go and it's 2012. How time passes by too fast.

2011... Let's reminisce 2011...

  • Celebrated NYE with Katikut and Jacq
 had dinner at the foodcourt as all resto are fully booked
  • Got interviewed and hired at IHG DFC

  •  Katikut bids goodbye
  • Valentines Day celebration
 I made homemade salsa... yumyum!
  • Had the biggest scare and paranoia in my life!

  • My last day at my first ever company in Dubai
 with DIA reservations team

ELR's Mahdi gave a free compli dinner to me. Despedida dinner!

  • Had to go to Abu Dhabi for several occasions just to extend and renew my passport

  • Transferred to my new accomodation
 messy place

  •  Had my on boarding
this is actually a pic taken during the second batch of my on boarding but wtf!

  •  Attended the "Night of the Thousand Stars" annual hotel party

  • Went to Iceland in Ras Al Khaima together with Blesie, Erlyn and Roy

  • Had the worst sickness I ever had for years. Got a three days deduction in my salary (I'm not yet entitled to sick leave as I'm still on probation period)

  • Had my second part of on boarding
  • Had to try playing golf for the first time

  • Tried doing a part time in the kitchen in a ladies wedding event 

  • Got my long awaited passport
  • Been goofing around with pusa
 used to visit me during off days with pasalubong

  • Experience ramadan ala IHG

  • Enrolled in summer classes: cost control, golf and cake decoration

  • Attended the PICPA general assembly

  • My birthday month!

  • VP bids goodbye

  • Had our second year anniv here in Dubai

  •  Went to Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain

  • Worked at World DJ competition and Chris Brown concert

  • Donated blood for the first time

  • Attended the first aid training
  • Christmas!

That's it for 2011. 2012, what it will be?

Here's the list of my new year resolution:
  1. Will sleep early from now on
  2. Will save money for my future plan
  3. Will not start a fight with anyone anymore
  4. Will drink more water / milk
  5. Will stop eating junk foods and eat healthy foods instead
  6. Live my life to the fullest!

Hope to greet you 2012 with a bang!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

busy day

It's not yet tomorrow but I don't know how to manage my time for all the things I need to finish for tomorrow.
  • First thing in the morning, I have to submit the credit card commission accruals. 
  • Finish the priority club reconciliation as revenue needs to post it within the day. And I think it's 300+ or more, manual recon. Checking one by one by one by one.
  • Then this all credit card refunds I need to process. Think I got 5 or 6 on stand by mode. And I have to chase Terrafirma as they used the old form. And Steve as I  sent him the details of the pending excess charge made by BBC. Arghhh....
  • Then posting of bank transfers. The never ending bank transfers. I need to post all payments credited in the bank or else I'm dead meat. Aside from month end closing, it's also the year end so we need all the collection posted and allocated at the same time.
  • Credit card reconciliation for the three properties. Makram will definitely kill me if he founds out that am 10days late. What to do yani?
  • Transfer all the invoices. Ahuhu...
  • Last minute follow up of payments (sending emails and calling up this wtf travel agents that will definitely sure not going to answer the phone and hides from us)
 May seem simple but they are actually time consuming. And I really needed to finish this as it's the year end now. How I hate year end closing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

church + korean resto = happy me!

I haven't got all our christmas pictures from Renz cam, though Blesie already posted all of them in fb. And that includes the fatty me. No edit, as in upload lahat! Grrrr....

Anyway, we went to church yesterday afternoon. Good thing I saw Renz and the others so I have someone with me to go to the church as Sigrid was already there. As expected, Romeo didn't show up. Nor advise us. Which I think is pretty rude. I sent him messages in which  he didn't replied. If he doesn't want to come, why not say so? If he doesn't have any load, why not atleast leave a message on fb? Was it so hard to say, "sorry, I cannot come"? Arghhh... He totally ignored us. And that's the final straw. His gift will definitely stay on my drawer.

But as they said, give love on christmas day. So instead of becoming a grinch, I just forget about him. And idea of him coming with us.

I thought I almost lost Sigrid coz I couldn't find her when the mass is over. People are everwhere. It's madness!

I'm so glad when I found her. Then we went to this Korean restaurant to eat. I'm so happy to eat again in a Korean resto coz there's only few Korean resto here in Dubai. Korean foods are my fave! Super love the pork barbeque and kimchi. Luuuvit! Though we had a hard time finding the location of the resto (coz they were in this corner back of the street).

 so proud of myself with this hair bun!

dan dan...

I so envy Sigrid's height... ahuhu...

picture first

one more...

refillable appetizers. so inlove with kimchi! this is perfectly done. not too spicy, not too sour... and the peanuts with small fishes (I actually forgot what it is called), mixture of sweet and salty... unbelievable!

the soup was very good! not too spicy as we requested for it to be less spicy, but still super good.

ready ready!

happy eating!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas!

Merry christmas everybody!

I somehow got back a little bit of my festive mood.

Yesterday's noche buena celebration at Renz place was good. Am so full! Will post the pics later as I still don't have it.

And atlast, I was able to make a decent bun in my hair. Yey! I've been trying it for the last weeks but to no avail. Really not good in styling my hair. Was very happy I was able to do it.

Now I'm torn between buying myself a gift or save it for my upcoming vacation. Waaaaa...

Currently waiting and eating some teacakes. Think am going to have a pile of teacakes wrappers on my sidetable if I will not stop eating right now.

For Christsake! What's with the awful smell? I'm not a racist but lately I don't know what the hell does my Indonesian flatmates are cooking and eating.

I'm stuck in the room. Very awesome. I'm super lazy to move. Sigrid and I will meet around 6pm (imagine, 6pm!) to go to church. Dunno if Romeo will come with us as he doesn't reply to my messages (which I think he's in that mood again).

Anyway, will try to clean my stuff or call my parents again or just browse some old blogs again.

Really, what a nice way to celebrate a christmas day. Ampf!

Friday, December 23, 2011

waiting in vain

I was waken up by a call from LBC. And he was like, "Miss Samantha, sorry, did we wake you up?" while I dreamily shrug off and said "no, yes, no it's ok".  Well, they do honestly wake me up, ahaha.. Though I really do intended to get up at 9 since we are planning to catch the 10am bus to go to Karama. But since they told me they're coming before 12pm, I decided to wait and go out after that. 

Honestly, I don't understand why it's so hard to find a decent spaghetti sauce here?

In season like this, I do really miss Philippines. I miss the simbang gabi, puto bumbong and bibingka, shopping to the max coz of Christmas parties and gift giving, and getting 13th month pay and bonuses. And most of all, celebrating the Christmas Eve with your family.

Uh oh, I can't find the receipt of my box that will less AED10 in the total amount. A major ampf! Good thing I still have Katikut's receipt.




They already came... Yipee! Hope my box will arrive before Feb. Kuya said it might come on Jan 30. Fingers crossed!

Let me post random pics I saw in my cam:

me and Mike

 my salary and staff ID during the Chris Brown concert

 the remembrance of my blood donation

 my box that I sent today (tapes are crappy coz I'm in a hurry last night)

my privilege club ID that was delivered last week (super blurred pic)

Need to move to catch the 2pm bus. TaTa for now!

bringing back the lost christmas spirit

I feel like I lose my Christmas spirit.

I'm so fucked up. I thought the shitty month of November is done, never thought that it will continue to get shitty this December. Now I don't know how to explain to Mr. Nabil the mess that I did. And Makram was so damn disappointed with me. Wtf!

Now I need to have my Christmas spirit back. So I started listening to Christmas songs so I can get the vibes.

But hearing it just wants me to come back home.

I'm done packing my box. Tomorrow it will be picked up.

Already sent money to my family for Christmas. Hope they'll have a nice Christmas.

Met my new flatmate. She's nice. Hope she'll stay nice. Wtf!

I'm not sure if I will be able to move to my new room tomorrow. The lights in the bathroom were still yellow though I already requested to have it replace by white. Are they blind? Didn't they notice how dim it is? Ampf!

I wonder why other people doesn't remember you unless you do something like text or call for them to remember you? Why does it have to be me to always do the first step? I think it's so awfully rude and selfish.

I haven't done my laundry, wtf! And I have a full sched for tomorrow and the day after so I don't know when to squeeze it in my sched.





I don't know if I will find it hillarious or what. I was deleted again in fb by someone who added me in the first place. People! If you don't like me, then don't add me coz first of all, I didn't ask you to add me. Tsk!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

wtf night

I'm so fucked up today. I have a very nice hangover and my insides want to get out of my body.

I'm starving but I don't have the appetite to eat. Which is pretty weird.

I don't really understand what happened last night. Maybe just another unlucky day for me which I'm getting quite frequently nowadays.

I got drunk by a few shots. Which makes me really wonder why coz I know I can handle more before.

Pretty weird, my body is now weird that sometimes I no longer know what to do.

I notice a lot of changes happened to me eversince a bagful of blood left my system. I mean, I became depress, too emotional, a cry baby, super moody (though am already one before) and getting drunk  and throwing up too easily.

Honestly, what happened last night was not really clear to me. I don't even remember changing my shoes or be in the taxi. Or how did we end up in the bar. Wtf! And it's so funny that I couldn't tell them the reason I spent a long time in the toilet was I actually fell asleep. Yep, I fell asleep in the toilet cubicle. So disgracing and gross. 

I'm not sure why, but I think I should remove this habit of mine. I started this habit when I started doing night shifts at Accenture. It's not good to get caught by your manager sleeping in the table so my only option was to hide and sleep somewhere where nobody can see me. And that only option is the toilet. Freaky but effective. I survived for four months doing this. After that, I said I'll go back to normal working hours and no more night shift.

Anyway, back to my story of what happened last night. After I spent hours in the toilet, they were all asking me where the hell I went (coz Jea kept coming back to the toilet shouting or nearly screaming my name coz am too sleepy to acknowledge). Anyway, I started getting back to my senses and started dancing like a crazy girl till quarter to three. 

I don't feel like doing this again. When I got my things at Niko's place, he told me that  maybe I have a rough day, tired or stressed that's why I was like that. Hahaha... Wtf!

When I got in the flat, I just realized that my room key was not in my bag. I was knocking and calling Erlyn but she was way too asleep to hear me. Maybe her phone's in silent mode coz she didn't hear it. I rummage my bag and feeling frustrated coz my keys are not there. Then I saw this one key which happens to be my room key. I never felt happy. Told myself to worry about my other keys next thing in the morning. Hope it's with Jea coz that bunch includes my locker key, office key and my wardrobe keys. Wtf!

I sent a message to Jea today and found out that she has my keys. Graciousness!

Anyway, need to move and fix myself as I need to go out and have some decent meal or else I'll die today.

Friday, December 16, 2011

weekend night

Watched "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" last night. It was good, I love mission impossible movies. People are clapping when the movie shows the scenes shot at Burj Khalifa. 

It's a nice movie and I had a good time watching it. But the popcorn I ate sucks.

After watching the movie, we went to Niko's place. Not really in the mood to drink, I diverted my attention into eating. I don't want to drink because I know myself. At that moment, if I drink, I know something will happen and only me knows what it is. Haha...

I want to drink, to dance to free my mind from stress. Atleast when I'm in the bar full of people, I can be very drunk, be stupid and be crazy and people will not really know about it. I've been dying to do this for the last weeks. 

I already have plans for this weekend but now I don't know if any of it were going to happen. It's already past two and I'm still in bed, I was suppose to go to somewhere but was way too lazy to get up. We're planning to meet at Niko's place at 5pm, of course I will not go there at 5. I think I'll take another nap then I'll start to move.

Lately, I think am pushing my luck too much. I had a talk with Lisi and he gave me a good advice. I'm actually already doing it, trying to do it, though I'm not so sure if I'm really trying hard to do it. 

Trust is very vital in everything. I just hope he realized before that the reason I got mad at him  was because I felt the lack of trust over me. Which I have completely towards him.

I'll try to return to my old self. Because for the last month, I'm not behaving myself. And I don't like it.

I don't want to make actions or do something that can harm or hurt others again. I should now know my boundaries and don't go overboard at it.

I nearly sent out that message last night. Good riddance I didn't. Instead I sent a different message (which was totally ignored). Otherwise, I will look like a complete idiot.

Before everything was possible. Maybe I got so used to it and now I'm missing it. I miss him and I do really hate to admit it. And it sucks to know that he doesn't feel the same way.

I had a very nice dream last night. But when I woke up, I got so down when I realized that the happiness I felt in my dream will no longer happen in real life. So I tried to sleep again to catch up that dream. But the dream is no longer there.

Hmmmm... I wish I could go home now. I feel so lonely and empty.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

what's new?

I got my keys to my new room. But when we checked the room, it's so dirty. I swear I'm not going to move there if it's that dirty.

I planned to go to the clinic after office but when I saw the bus, I automatically went inside. I just remember it halfway on the road. So I just passed by to housing office to get my keys.

Someone told me that if I want to refresh my eyes, I should cry a lot so the dirt will go away. So gullible me did what was told. I cried so much last night and guess what happened, my eyes are so puffy in the morning it looks like hell. Wtf!

Just hope that both eyes were crying so they will be in same size. But hell no. Only one eye is crying and everybody was commenting about it. Ashraf even offered me to give his eyedrops because we were discussing about something and my eye is crying non stop. Wtf! Really hate it. It's so irritating.

We're going to watch "Mission Impossible" tomorrow. Anna called me and invited me to come with them but I told her I'm gonna see it tomorrow night. Yey!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

the chris brown concert and the buffalo chicken wings

Okay, in order for me to see the concert of Chris Brown for free, I needed to work in the concert. So I was assigned in the kitchen as the cashier manager or bar manager finance wtf. My main responsibilities are the cashiers, I will assist them if anything goes wrong. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was cool because a lot of people came to see him. But mostly teenagers. And the funny part was the moment they enter the venue, they were all running and screaming 'Chris Brown Chris Brown'! And we were all laughing just looking at them. Kids!

When the show started, I was really like standing on my toes to see the stage. Guess Niko saw me and called me to go with him. He took me to the front, as in front area. Sometimes I do really love Niko for being a nice guy. I was able to see Chris Brown near the stage. 

I know am bad but am so disappointed with Asad. I mean, he was the only one with a big discrepancy in his cashier and he was reasoning out something that he punched a wrong item but didn't bother to call me because he was too busy. I was like, wtf Asad! I've been telling them for the whole time to tell me for any problem, like incorrect posting or other cashier related things. And I've been asking them every opportunity I have if everything is going smoothly or they have any problem so we can fix it but all he said was he was ok. Yeah right, too ok that in the end, he was short of AED105. Fairly gave her tips of 40 to him, I don't know where he took the other 65 as I became busy with other things. It's such a shame that someone from finance was the only one who have shortage in his cashier, wtf!   

All in all, I had fun with the concert. And it was my first time to be cashier manager and I was glad everything went well (except for the Asad case).





Let me tell you the story of the fucking buffalo chicken wings.

At the end of the concert, Niko asked me what I want to eat so he can save it for me to eat it later. I told him I like the chicken wings. I put it inside where the cost control guys store their sodas as I have to fill out the yellow cards for the salary of other staffs. I thought my chicken wings are safe there. But I was wrong.

I was talking to other people when Sherzod and a lady from FO came beside me. Sherzod was giving me half of his hotdog but I told him that I do have my chicken wings that I will eat later. Then, the lady offered us a box of chicken wings and Sherzod took it from her offering me. I suddenly had this gut feeling that it was mine. So I asked her where did she got it, she told me someone gave it from her from the store room of the cost control. I almost go berserk when I found out that it was my chicken. And Sherzod was laughing like crazy to me because I almost screamed at the top of my lungs when I told him that it was mine. Sometimes, I do really act stupid in front of other people.

I saw Erlyn and I asked her if she can took care of my chicken wings while I finish my transaction in the general cashier. After that, we went back to IC to catch the 1:30am bus but when we reach there, there's no bus. While waiting, we sat in the golf cart parked on the side. Then we all decided to take a taxi since it's already 1:40 and we're so tired.

I decided to sleep in the taxi but halfway on the road, I suddenly remembered my chicken wings.  It was gone, I left it in the golf cart. I'm on the verge of crying while they were laughing at me. It turns out that there were three chicken wings left out of six (and I haven't had a single bite!) in the box

Out of frustration, I slept without eating because I can't get over about my buffalo chicken wings. Wtf!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Life is freakin' me out.

Currently I feel like a dust floating in the air. I can't feel any sense of belongingness.

Looking back to what happened in the past, I still can't comprehend what really happen. It ended so abruptly. And no matter how much I wanted it back, I can't do anything. I'm so hopeless and frustrated.

And I can't understand what's happening to me right now. What am I doing to myself?

I can't sleep at night. And I tend to wake up in the middle of the night. And worst is that I have to wake up early.

So am always feeling grumpy in the morning.

I want to sleep. Have a rest. Have a peaceful mind. Have a nice dream of the past.

Friday, December 02, 2011

fucked up concert

Oh yeah, I just came back from my first flopped concert. Not literally mine but my first work in a concert. As you know, Niko called me last Wednesday for the last minute reliever for Haja in the bar. Since am going to work at Chris Brown's concert, I decided to accept it to see how it looks like to work in an event like that.

Unfortunately, the World DJ competition was a total fucked up concert. Only three bars are open (four in original plan), and I'm assigned in Bar 1. Niko told me to go to the venue at 2pm so I asked Julio to go with  me at 1pm so we can still eat lunch at the cafeteria (another story of cafeteria to be told in another entry). Then at 2pm, still in club, I send a message to Makram asking him if he's already at the bar. He said not yet so me and Julio waited in the club (as he was also waiting for Usman). 

I was even nervous at one point that I'm gonna serve a wrong drink if the crowd gets too much. Turns out that I wasn't able to serve a single drink, not a thing at all. I sat all the time on the side, then decided to go with the cost control guys since I'm freakin' bored in the bar. Had to try driving golf carts and other stuff. And I think Julio was beginning to get irritated to me for complaining a lot to him.

And it's freakin' damn cold! The wind was so strong and I was freezing. Good thing Mine have a smoke so she gave one to me. I'ts been a long time since the last time I smoke, but a few puffs do really make miracles in times of stress, boredom and weather chills.

Anyway, we are the first bar to close and went home. Though I didn't do anything and just got bored, I got my AED120.00. Now I'm fearing for Chris Brown concert. Am actually thinking of begging Prishy to switch places with me (she to be the bar manager and I to be the pay master).

No pictures taken as it was sooo boring I don't have time to snap pics.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

whatever float your boat

Last friday, we went to Marina Bay in DFC to cheer for our team who compete in the "whatever float your boat" contest open to companies and schools with the theme of using any recycled items to make a boat that will race on the Marina.

Under the freakin' heat, many people watched to cheer for their teams - including us who almost faint in the heat of the sun, and the freakin' smell of people who doesn't know how to use deodorant.

 icrs team

ic/cp team

 al badia team

the three teams

with the other teams

The school teams...

the power of one

this is the most funniest boat as they didn't even moved an inch

we didn't know that on this side, the pool view will be like this... 

"The best things in life are free like: hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, love, laughter, sleep, and good memories..."