Monday, December 26, 2011

church + korean resto = happy me!

I haven't got all our christmas pictures from Renz cam, though Blesie already posted all of them in fb. And that includes the fatty me. No edit, as in upload lahat! Grrrr....

Anyway, we went to church yesterday afternoon. Good thing I saw Renz and the others so I have someone with me to go to the church as Sigrid was already there. As expected, Romeo didn't show up. Nor advise us. Which I think is pretty rude. I sent him messages in which  he didn't replied. If he doesn't want to come, why not say so? If he doesn't have any load, why not atleast leave a message on fb? Was it so hard to say, "sorry, I cannot come"? Arghhh... He totally ignored us. And that's the final straw. His gift will definitely stay on my drawer.

But as they said, give love on christmas day. So instead of becoming a grinch, I just forget about him. And idea of him coming with us.

I thought I almost lost Sigrid coz I couldn't find her when the mass is over. People are everwhere. It's madness!

I'm so glad when I found her. Then we went to this Korean restaurant to eat. I'm so happy to eat again in a Korean resto coz there's only few Korean resto here in Dubai. Korean foods are my fave! Super love the pork barbeque and kimchi. Luuuvit! Though we had a hard time finding the location of the resto (coz they were in this corner back of the street).

 so proud of myself with this hair bun!

dan dan...

I so envy Sigrid's height... ahuhu...

picture first

one more...

refillable appetizers. so inlove with kimchi! this is perfectly done. not too spicy, not too sour... and the peanuts with small fishes (I actually forgot what it is called), mixture of sweet and salty... unbelievable!

the soup was very good! not too spicy as we requested for it to be less spicy, but still super good.

ready ready!

happy eating!

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