Thursday, December 15, 2011

what's new?

I got my keys to my new room. But when we checked the room, it's so dirty. I swear I'm not going to move there if it's that dirty.

I planned to go to the clinic after office but when I saw the bus, I automatically went inside. I just remember it halfway on the road. So I just passed by to housing office to get my keys.

Someone told me that if I want to refresh my eyes, I should cry a lot so the dirt will go away. So gullible me did what was told. I cried so much last night and guess what happened, my eyes are so puffy in the morning it looks like hell. Wtf!

Just hope that both eyes were crying so they will be in same size. But hell no. Only one eye is crying and everybody was commenting about it. Ashraf even offered me to give his eyedrops because we were discussing about something and my eye is crying non stop. Wtf! Really hate it. It's so irritating.

We're going to watch "Mission Impossible" tomorrow. Anna called me and invited me to come with them but I told her I'm gonna see it tomorrow night. Yey!

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