Saturday, December 17, 2011

wtf night

I'm so fucked up today. I have a very nice hangover and my insides want to get out of my body.

I'm starving but I don't have the appetite to eat. Which is pretty weird.

I don't really understand what happened last night. Maybe just another unlucky day for me which I'm getting quite frequently nowadays.

I got drunk by a few shots. Which makes me really wonder why coz I know I can handle more before.

Pretty weird, my body is now weird that sometimes I no longer know what to do.

I notice a lot of changes happened to me eversince a bagful of blood left my system. I mean, I became depress, too emotional, a cry baby, super moody (though am already one before) and getting drunk  and throwing up too easily.

Honestly, what happened last night was not really clear to me. I don't even remember changing my shoes or be in the taxi. Or how did we end up in the bar. Wtf! And it's so funny that I couldn't tell them the reason I spent a long time in the toilet was I actually fell asleep. Yep, I fell asleep in the toilet cubicle. So disgracing and gross. 

I'm not sure why, but I think I should remove this habit of mine. I started this habit when I started doing night shifts at Accenture. It's not good to get caught by your manager sleeping in the table so my only option was to hide and sleep somewhere where nobody can see me. And that only option is the toilet. Freaky but effective. I survived for four months doing this. After that, I said I'll go back to normal working hours and no more night shift.

Anyway, back to my story of what happened last night. After I spent hours in the toilet, they were all asking me where the hell I went (coz Jea kept coming back to the toilet shouting or nearly screaming my name coz am too sleepy to acknowledge). Anyway, I started getting back to my senses and started dancing like a crazy girl till quarter to three. 

I don't feel like doing this again. When I got my things at Niko's place, he told me that  maybe I have a rough day, tired or stressed that's why I was like that. Hahaha... Wtf!

When I got in the flat, I just realized that my room key was not in my bag. I was knocking and calling Erlyn but she was way too asleep to hear me. Maybe her phone's in silent mode coz she didn't hear it. I rummage my bag and feeling frustrated coz my keys are not there. Then I saw this one key which happens to be my room key. I never felt happy. Told myself to worry about my other keys next thing in the morning. Hope it's with Jea coz that bunch includes my locker key, office key and my wardrobe keys. Wtf!

I sent a message to Jea today and found out that she has my keys. Graciousness!

Anyway, need to move and fix myself as I need to go out and have some decent meal or else I'll die today.

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