Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas!

Merry christmas everybody!

I somehow got back a little bit of my festive mood.

Yesterday's noche buena celebration at Renz place was good. Am so full! Will post the pics later as I still don't have it.

And atlast, I was able to make a decent bun in my hair. Yey! I've been trying it for the last weeks but to no avail. Really not good in styling my hair. Was very happy I was able to do it.

Now I'm torn between buying myself a gift or save it for my upcoming vacation. Waaaaa...

Currently waiting and eating some teacakes. Think am going to have a pile of teacakes wrappers on my sidetable if I will not stop eating right now.

For Christsake! What's with the awful smell? I'm not a racist but lately I don't know what the hell does my Indonesian flatmates are cooking and eating.

I'm stuck in the room. Very awesome. I'm super lazy to move. Sigrid and I will meet around 6pm (imagine, 6pm!) to go to church. Dunno if Romeo will come with us as he doesn't reply to my messages (which I think he's in that mood again).

Anyway, will try to clean my stuff or call my parents again or just browse some old blogs again.

Really, what a nice way to celebrate a christmas day. Ampf!

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