Friday, December 02, 2011

fucked up concert

Oh yeah, I just came back from my first flopped concert. Not literally mine but my first work in a concert. As you know, Niko called me last Wednesday for the last minute reliever for Haja in the bar. Since am going to work at Chris Brown's concert, I decided to accept it to see how it looks like to work in an event like that.

Unfortunately, the World DJ competition was a total fucked up concert. Only three bars are open (four in original plan), and I'm assigned in Bar 1. Niko told me to go to the venue at 2pm so I asked Julio to go with  me at 1pm so we can still eat lunch at the cafeteria (another story of cafeteria to be told in another entry). Then at 2pm, still in club, I send a message to Makram asking him if he's already at the bar. He said not yet so me and Julio waited in the club (as he was also waiting for Usman). 

I was even nervous at one point that I'm gonna serve a wrong drink if the crowd gets too much. Turns out that I wasn't able to serve a single drink, not a thing at all. I sat all the time on the side, then decided to go with the cost control guys since I'm freakin' bored in the bar. Had to try driving golf carts and other stuff. And I think Julio was beginning to get irritated to me for complaining a lot to him.

And it's freakin' damn cold! The wind was so strong and I was freezing. Good thing Mine have a smoke so she gave one to me. I'ts been a long time since the last time I smoke, but a few puffs do really make miracles in times of stress, boredom and weather chills.

Anyway, we are the first bar to close and went home. Though I didn't do anything and just got bored, I got my AED120.00. Now I'm fearing for Chris Brown concert. Am actually thinking of begging Prishy to switch places with me (she to be the bar manager and I to be the pay master).

No pictures taken as it was sooo boring I don't have time to snap pics.

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