Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE: countdown to 2012

One more day to go and it's 2012. How time passes by too fast.

2011... Let's reminisce 2011...

  • Celebrated NYE with Katikut and Jacq
 had dinner at the foodcourt as all resto are fully booked
  • Got interviewed and hired at IHG DFC

  •  Katikut bids goodbye
  • Valentines Day celebration
 I made homemade salsa... yumyum!
  • Had the biggest scare and paranoia in my life!

  • My last day at my first ever company in Dubai
 with DIA reservations team

ELR's Mahdi gave a free compli dinner to me. Despedida dinner!

  • Had to go to Abu Dhabi for several occasions just to extend and renew my passport

  • Transferred to my new accomodation
 messy place

  •  Had my on boarding
this is actually a pic taken during the second batch of my on boarding but wtf!

  •  Attended the "Night of the Thousand Stars" annual hotel party

  • Went to Iceland in Ras Al Khaima together with Blesie, Erlyn and Roy

  • Had the worst sickness I ever had for years. Got a three days deduction in my salary (I'm not yet entitled to sick leave as I'm still on probation period)

  • Had my second part of on boarding
  • Had to try playing golf for the first time

  • Tried doing a part time in the kitchen in a ladies wedding event 

  • Got my long awaited passport
  • Been goofing around with pusa
 used to visit me during off days with pasalubong

  • Experience ramadan ala IHG

  • Enrolled in summer classes: cost control, golf and cake decoration

  • Attended the PICPA general assembly

  • My birthday month!

  • VP bids goodbye

  • Had our second year anniv here in Dubai

  •  Went to Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain

  • Worked at World DJ competition and Chris Brown concert

  • Donated blood for the first time

  • Attended the first aid training
  • Christmas!

That's it for 2011. 2012, what it will be?

Here's the list of my new year resolution:
  1. Will sleep early from now on
  2. Will save money for my future plan
  3. Will not start a fight with anyone anymore
  4. Will drink more water / milk
  5. Will stop eating junk foods and eat healthy foods instead
  6. Live my life to the fullest!

Hope to greet you 2012 with a bang!

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