Tuesday, January 03, 2012

new room

I'm currently in my new room now. Erlyn's still in our old room and planned to move on weekends. Meaning I have few days to have my own space. Nice!

Actually, I already slept here last night. Which I think is not a good idea coz I wasn't able to sleep well. I tend to wake up every hour, goodness! I only brought my mattress along with me coz the bedframe will be moved by the housing staff.

When I came home tonight, my bedframe is on the right side. I want the left side so I tried to move it but it was fucking heavy. I posted something on my fb's wall and luckily, Julio and Renz read it and help me move the bed and my side tables from 6th floor. So deeply touched!

Atlast I can walk properly now. Having trouble walking for past few days that I can't wear heels. But now I'm perfectly fine. 

Jacky's coming home! Yipeee.... I miss her so much. I'm so tempted to go with her to Abu Dhabi but I'm actually planning to go to office to finish some work on weekends. Hmm... Lemme think about it.

I'm hungry. Haayz...

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