Sunday, January 08, 2012

three weeks left

This is it. I only have three weeks left.

I dunno if I can do it. Hope I have the courage to continue what I've started. It's torture. Geez...

Honestly, I'm gonna go berserk today. Work is like hell. I dunno where to start. It's so shitty. They keep on sending me emails, non stop! And I really want to scream.

After lunch I decided to do Al Badia. Unbelievable. I stared at the computer for so long not knowing what to do next. I feel so shitty.

I can't blame anyone. Jea was way too busy last week that she just showed how to do it. Yup, and I don't have any proper training in sun. Geez!

Anyway, tomorrow I know I can do it. Will just pray that FO, reservations and Makram will stop sending me emails about bank transfers.

Went to Abu Dhabi last thursday after we picked up Jacky. Their accomodation is way too big than ours. Unbelievable!

I miss Jacky and I miss talking to my friends. It's not that I don't have any here but before, whenever I go home, it feels like home. Now, when I go home, it feels like I just need to rest then work again. I don't have any peace of mind. I don't have any diversion. 

And I look old now. Waaaaaa....




Three weeks. Three more weeks.

Got mixed feelings about it. Can't further explain it.

I wish I'll wake up tomorrow that I'm no longer fat. :(

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