Wednesday, January 11, 2012

another one

I badly needed a very good and long cry.

Just to release the stress that I'm feeling right now.

Sent a text message earlier, I thought it was ignored then later saw the reply. Said it was ok. Hmmm... So I think I can go ahead on my plan, though it's not a real plan. I still have to see what it looks like when I go there.

I'm having the same paranoia as last year. Why do I have to feel this again? But now I still don't know. I still have to wait. It's still too early to get paranoid.

I badly needed someone to talk to. I was lucky Jacky was there to cheer me up a little.

I honestly wanted to forget about work. I just wish people will stop greeting by asking how's my work. Can't anyone ask me how I was? 

I'm so tired.

Can I have some hug?

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