Tuesday, January 10, 2012

never ending whining

You've been forwarned. This post is nothing but pure whining of mine.

Had to spend almost 5 hours just charging those pesty credit cards of golf members. And I think it's less than 200 or more. It's really a waste of time.

My email was like bomb! It's totally hell. Can you imagine that my inbox is now full and all of them needs to be replied back? 

My recons are getting higher and higher everyday. And it's for four property. It's crazy!

I have 20 refunds to process. And just looking at them makes me really really want to throw a tantrum.

And he keeps on giving me things to post, rooms to check out and things to double check. Son of a blank! Am I the only person in credit? Can't he see that am working on two PCs, working the job of two people?

I really wanted to scream! You know the feeling that my tears wanted to burst out of my eyes?

So I went to the locker room and asked myself, "if I cry, will it lessen my work?". Obviously, the answer is a big no.

It's so depressing, I'm so depressed.

And kuya from engineering told me that I looked so stressed out and look old. OLD! Goodness! Was it a right thing to comment to a lady? That she looked old?

That's a major shit. I'm so stressed right now I badly needed a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, am no longer excited to go on vacation. Dunno why. Maybe coz deep down inside of me, I have this strange feeling that I might change my mind and not to come back here.

Coz am no longer happy to what's happening in my life.

I'm getting old but I don't see a good future ahead of me. Before I have, but right now, everything is blurred. And it scares me like hell.

Am so depress, am so tempted to drink.

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