Sunday, January 22, 2012

lost in translation

Sometimes I wonder that out of so many languages that Philippines have, I only knew  ONE freaking langage - tagalog.

I'm used in being a place with diverse nationalities. I learn how to deal with it. But the feeling is so different when you're in the room full of people, having the same nationality, but they are speaking in a different language. A total different language.

Just what happened to me last saturday. We were there,  and having the only me who doesn't speak their language. And I don't have the slightest idea what the hell are they talking about. Right there and then, I just wish I had this auto translation device with me so I can understand what they were talking about.

And then all of a sudden, they asked me "can you understand a little bit?". And I was just like, "ahaha... no..."

Fuck, a bit frustrating but sometimes I feel amazed how people can talk multiple languages. How I wish I can do that to. Dum... dum... Why did I ever born in a city who speaks with only one language?

Worst feeling is that no matter how hard I try not to feel out of place, I can't help it. And I have to keep a poker face just to hide the mixed feeling of amusement, embarrassment and uneasiness that I'm feeling.

How long I can do it, I don't have the slightest idea.

Maybe if someone will give me a free class or even a book, I can understand a little bit (which I think is so superficial).

Now I know the feeling of those people being surrounded in a group who speaks in other language. And I always feel sorry for them. And now I feel a bit sorry for myself. Haha... Deal with it momo!

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