Friday, January 13, 2012


Honestly, I tend to lose my patience nowadays with people over simple things. I mean, can you please read what I wrote before replying nonsense things? You're my friend for years, god sake! Up to now you still don't know me, what I'm thinking?!?

And this other guy is a real bugger. Saw me online on fb and asked where I was. When I said "at the accomodation", he wants to know where is the location of my accomodation. Why on earth would I give my current location to him? I'm not yet out of my mind. And he  keeps on saying this cheesy stuffs till I told him nicely to fuck off and then I logged off.

What a very nice way to start my day. By getting irritated on people whom I'm talking to online.

I'm so tempted to buy a new phone. Bloody hell.

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